Bewildering White Girls (Part II) –Barton Pham

“Lincoln, this is really exciting,” said Della. “Which part?” I asked. Was it that we both relaxed for long enough to be seen by each other? Was it that I just promised to lick her pussy – somewhat spontaneously? Maybe it was our subtle beginnings of confessing our racially explicit fantasies. My slight admission to … More Bewildering White Girls (Part II) –Barton Pham

Dr. Katsumi Muramoto’s Orders (Part I)

  Okay, I just spent the last hour doing research of Japanese men’s underwear websites. Why? I can’t even remember now, but it was something to do with nylon versus cotton… I’m lying. I just like staring at hot Asian men in sheer underwear. And I’m convinced… All men should wear see-though undies. Take note: Sheer is GOOD. And … More Dr. Katsumi Muramoto’s Orders (Part I)