Sucking Zhang (Part IV)

Early in the morning, as I slept naked on my stomach, I woke to Zhang straddling my thighs and kissing the area between my shoulder blades.

He was trying to be very quiet and careful not to wake me while examining my pussy in the dim light.

So I pretended to sleep and enjoyed the feeling of his finger gliding softly over my labia and opening the lips to examine the pink parts inside.

Once he touched my wet spot his breathing changed, becoming shallow and heavy.. and I felt the warm, wet head of his cock glide around my opening a few times.

“Cerise, can I fuck you?”

I responded by pulling the pillow out from under my head and shoving it under my lower abdomen. He moved back as I stretched my legs out, flattened my upper body down and tilted my pussy up for his full access, then turned my head to the side and moved my hair out of my face to smile at him.

His face brightened and he quickly mounted the back of me, holding my hips still with one hand and rubbing his cock across my clit several times with the other. Then he slid just the head in and doubled over me to calm himself.. and then worked it the rest of the way into me.

We fit perfectly together. I couldn’t have been any tighter and he couldn’t have been any thicker. Once he was all the way inside me I tightened again and my mouth fell open into a full female moan… and he put his hand over my lips and said, “Shhhhhh...” Jun’s tent was no more than six feet away.

Then he sucked in his breath and slowly began pumping me, finding a slow careful rhythm to pace himself, and driven with lust I tilted my cunt up higher, reached back and pulled him in deep. He groaned and whispered, “Careful. I’m trying not to cum too quickly.”

So I closed my eyes, focused on keeping myself propped up while massaging my clit and let him do his job, plunging in and out of me, and in and out.. slowly building up to pounding, knocking the air out of my lungs each time. My pussy was suctioning onto him and I struggled not to cry aloud as I began to reach climax.

I’m fairly audible during sex, sometimes crying and wailing so loud that a lover will have to put a hand over my mouth or gag me… but even with gagging the sound will still escape through the nose.

Zhang was now slamming into me and groaning hard and I was up on elbows, whimpering louder and louder… I was thinking, <i>Shit, there is no way the rest of the camp doesn’t hear this.</i>

I hand Zhang my filmy red scarf to wrap around my head and over my nose and mouth. He slows down long enough to do a quick tie… then speeds back up, this time opening my legs even wider and ramming it in as I squeezed my eyes shut, crying into the scarf.

I could feel his balls tightening against my labia. (This is another good reason for shaving everything) He pushed in as deeply as he could and I massaged hard on my clit until my cunt muscles sucked on him as I began to climax and squeeze his pulsing fuck meat tight inside me.

With both hands grasped hard on my hips he drove it in deep and held it there. Then I felt a surge of more blood pulsing into his cock as it began to jerk and jerk and jerk… and then he made a low growling sound and quickly pulled out, making a sucking sound in my cunt and I shivered all over, squeezed my eyes shut, crying and moaning into my scarf.

His heavy cock plopped down hard onto my lower back and his hot cum came gushing out all over, spilling in spurts as he groaned with one hand steadied on my ass as he continued to squeeze and work the shaft and head until hot runny sperm was running up between my shoulder blades.

I was quite surprised as I lay there for a while wondering how much more he had to spurt onto me.

He sat back and whispered, “Oh my god. I’ve completely covered your back.” ~Lovely.

Later in the day, we were back to hanging out with our buddies.

But I could not stop looking at him, wanting him and thinking, <i>Zhang, sweetheart… How in the hell. How do you cum that much? Had it been stored up?</i> and my eyes became fixed on his bulge. <i>What on earth is going on down there?</i> and I didn’t even care that he noticed me staring at it. In fact, I’m pretty sure he liked the attention down there and smiled to assure me of it.

I was growing more and more fixated, occasionally falling into a lustful trance as my imagination ran wild.

As it grew later I was thinking up ways of having him again that night. Next time I want to just suck and drink him for as long as he would allow, as long as he could withstand having my lips around him, sucking and tonguing and drinking his fuck juice… I wanted his strong brown hands holding my head, fingers wrapped in my hair… and his hot, satin-skinned, thick brown cock in my mouth, plunging into my throat.

———Continues to Part V


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