Dr. Katsumi Muramoto’s Orders (Part II)

“Are we talking about what I think we’re talking about?”

He rolled his chair closer and says, “Well, your cheeks are certainly a pretty shade of pink right now.”

What. Is he speaking in riddles? I wanted to make sure before expecting something like that to happen.

“Ok. I’m… still not quite sure that I’m following you.”

He cocked his head, smiled and replied softly, “I believe that you’re following me just fine.”

His directness, the lustful look in his eyes… it hit me right between the legs and made me shrink a little.

I was getting really excited and nervous at the same time. So, I tried breaking the tension by glancing up towards the wooden phalluses again, imagining myself marching around Komaki Japan in a tiny sumo belt, penis-pop in hand…

“Cerise, stay with me. It’s okay. Just relax.” He said in a soothing voice while massaging my leg, just above the knee.

It wasn’t really helping me to relax. The sexual energy had built up so much, and it had been so long since I had sex, that my hands shook around him. The spot he massaged had radiated up to my pussy, making me immediately start to get wet.

He continued, “We’ll work through it together, ok? Listen, I will offer you guidance while helping you explore these feelings and behaviors.”

I just nodded.

“So, describe those desires to me, in detail. Tell me why you want this pain. If you’re embarrassed, wear this blindfold. Maybe that will help you to relax and open up.”

It was dark turquoise satin and looked almost like an eye mask, but with two long pieces of sheer turquoise fabric attached.

I always sleep wearing an eye mask. I can’t sleep without one and I have many of all colors from different places I’ve visited around the world. Whenever I want to shut the world out I tie one on. And when I want to get myself off I’ll usually tie on my dark blue blindfold.”

Everything went black and I was surprised to hear the low throbbing, etherial music of Trentemøller begin to play softly around the room.

I smiled… knowing that Dr. Katsumi Muramoto would indeed be doing something intimate with me.

I say to him almost in a whisper so he would have to come closer, “I think I like the pain because I can reeeeeeally feel my lover. And I know that my lover really feels me too. But, I’m not sure why… it started. I don’t know why or how I get a physical release from the pain or being forced. I don’t really know.”

I could hear Dr. Muramoto breathing.

“Why do I want a man to climb on top of me and force me down… bruise my wrists in his hands… pin me down, and… bite me soooooo hard that I cry… and I like for him to know…”

Dr. Muramoto was gently opening my thighs and getting onto his knees between them.

“…that he’s hurting me.”

I felt his hands on both sides of me and he said, “Why, Cerise… Why do you like it? Why do you need to hurt like that?”

I thought really hard, but the reason wouldn’t reveal itself. Maybe his presence was distracting me. His breath in my hair, his scent… I don’t know.

“I don’t know why.”

He slid his fingers into my hair and grabbed a thick handful. I gasped, taken by surprise.

Then he pulled my head back just slightly, making my eyes water, and whispered, “Why don’t you know?”

I wanted to say something substantial, but what? “I, ahhh… I’m trying. I’m trying to think.” He had my head tilted to a fixed position, in his firm grasp.

He dragged his lips from the underside of my chin down around to the nape of my neck, while reaching his hand up my dress, to my white satin panties and began dragging his fingertips over the bump between the lips of my pussy and my panties were getting soaked.

Then he bit down hard into the most sensitive area near the base of my neck.

I cradled his head against me, gasping and crying. His jagged incisors were piercing my skin and a few tears rolled down my cheeks, staining the blindfold. I began to gasp more and more.

He whispered into my ear, “Any idea?”

I whispered, “Maybe.”

And he slid a finger in through the side of my panties and into me, and realized just how wet I was. Drenched.

“You’re pussy is soaked. Come down here, Cerise. Come over to this mat for me.”

I lift the corner of the blindfold to see a mat on the floor. And he lifted me up by my ass and slid me into his lap.

“Now, crawl over to the mat.” He ordered me, softly but firmly.

I did what he said, crawling out of his lap and over to the mat. Then he stops me, by grabbing a handful of my dress, just as I’m at the center, on all fours.

“Open your legs wider.”

And he lifts the edges of my dress up over my hips, exposing my ass and begins gliding his lovely, naturally tan hands around my ass cheeks, working his hands over my bare parts, then pulling my white satin panties to the side so that he could smell my glistening pink pussy.

And he was smelling me as I lowered my head and lifted the corner of the blindfold to see him massaging his cock through his pants with his muscular brown hand while biting his lower lip. He really wanted to fuck but he was taking his time. He had his own idea of how this will play out.

I saw the dark, wet streak forming on the crotch of his pants. And I wanted to feel him enter and plug me up.

He unbuttoned his pants, reached in and his stiff, swollen brown cock sprang out. The lovely, ripe, ruddy-colored head bobbing in the air, like a giant, succulent cherry… as he squeezed and kissed my left asscheek while gently tugging himself… and then he bent over and bit down hard into the center of my left buttock.

I braced myself for the pain but God could he bite hard with those powerful jaws. I cried aloud as his mouth kept a steady grip, teeth starting to break through skin and more tears rolling down my cheeks, caught by the satin fabric.

“Ahhhh… Ok, ok… please. Pleeeeeeez…” I begged.

He released my sore flesh and wiped the drool from his mouth while holding my hips steady with one hand.

He paused to gently and sweetly massage my hips and go lower, softly massaging my clit, making me melt and begin to moan.

Then he sat upright, grazing all of his fingertips over the sensitive skin of my buttocks… and without seeing or knowing what was coming, I suddenly felt his hand come down with, what seemed to be all the strength a man could possess, to leave such a shocking sting as it sent shockwaves splintering up through my pelvis.

My mouth fell open but there was no sound. It was such a surprise. I lifted the corner of the blindfold and looked back to see his other hand coming down on the other side. I screamed right as I felt the impact.

“Do you know, Cerise? Can you tell me why?”

I lost my voice and struggled to speak, “I uh. I just… maybe…”

And he pulled my panties to the side and slid a finger snugly into me. “Oh, you are tight. It has been a while since you were last penetrated.”

He was right. I had tried not to even think of sex for a several months, ignoring my dildo and getting myself off with a finger as silently as I could during the night, next to the man who no longer wanted me.

I had hoped things would change but whenever I mentioned breaking up he would storm off angrily.

Recently, when I had tried to ease my dildo into me, it took so long that I gave up and went back to my fingers.

Now my therapist, Dr. Muramoto, would be fingering me to help ease the way for his cock to fit. But at least I was wet, dripping wet.

And he wouldn’t be wasting anymore time… If I wanted pain he would deliver it.

So he grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me back towards him and quickly worked my panties down and off.

Then he slid that hot, bulbous cockhead of his back and forth between my lips a few times then popped just the head in, working me open for a brief moment.

And just as I began to relax, focusing on opening myself for him…

…he suddenly plunged it in all the way, filling me completely, pushing me much farther open than my pussy was used to… and I wailed loudly. The pain was intense and my head was dropping down to the mat but he instantly pulled me back up onto my hands, sliding out just a few inches… then ramming it all the way home again. I nearly screamed again and began moaning, whimpering as he continued ramming it hard into me.

My thighs trembled, I struggled to stay upright, and he kneed my legs further open even wider and reached his arm around me, now softly massaging my clit. He was teasing me only to bring me pain, again.

So he continued to drive that throbbing, bronzed cock deep into my sensitive little hole that he caused to ache and throb and stretched to it’s limit.

I thought he would become gentler but he continued to slam himself into me, over and over again…

But I never once asked him to stop, even as tears dripped from my chin.

I have no idea how much pain I would’ve taken from his teeth, his hands and his lovely, thick cock.

At one point I began to beg, “Please. Pleeeeeeeez… doctor?” and he slowed down, “Please what, Cerise?”

I didn’t respond… What did I want? …so he pushed my head down to the floor and I thought God this is gonna hurt.

And it did for a minute or so as he continued pumping me hard while I cried quietly, but taking it nonetheless.

Then he stopped abruptly and told me to lay down onto my back.

I was shaking all over, cupping my aching pussy with my hand…

—Continues to Part III


11 thoughts on “Dr. Katsumi Muramoto’s Orders (Part II)

  1. Ha.. I hope you took some photos to send back home.

    Actually, that makes me wonder too.
    Except that a Korean guy I kinda know is a conscientious objector and used to protest the ROK army every year by running naked down the street through the tanks and the army parade in the streets of Seoul.

    Here he is –> Kang We Suck



    He spent 18 months in jail, but mostly for avoiding his 2 yr Army duty.

    I wish I could find the video of him protesting. I had to laugh… he made a giant cookie in the shape of a semi-auto weapon and ate it, standing there naked. Hahaha..

  2. yeap, Only in South the perverted Korea… :).

    Cerise, Thanks for the Part3 in such a short period~~ 🙂

    Today in Toronto there was bunch of topless protester on the street because the cop had stoped two topless sister riding bike and told them to cover up.. Which apparently nothing wrong under Canada’s law.. Makes me wonder what would have might happend if it happend in Seoul..

    Anyway hope u are having a better weekend,,


  3. Hey BAP,

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I just did a lot of editing to Part III (No more PM drinking and typing for me)

    To answer your Q – Wearing bright colored hiking clothes is really big with the older generations in S.Korea these days. And apparently it’s a thing for them to meet online and hook up wearing their bright Northface gear and then go to “Love Hotels” during the day, while hubby and wifey are doing other things.

  4. Jay,

    엄마야~~~ That is hilarious about that hiking group! This is them, right? –> 동호회
    I typed it in Hangul a few different ways and a lof of sex websites (in Hangul) for people looking for random hookup partners popped up.

    헐~ Naughty ajushi and ajumma! ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ They should make K-dramas just about them, especially 할머니 wah 할아버지 in those hiking clothes, with the walking sticks. Awesome.

    For example:


    Thanks for that info. That made my day!



  5. Hi Cerise,
    It was an youtube flick that I accidently trumbled on while I was checking out BAP’s blog. Try to get the info again but couldn’t, sorry. If I ever get it back I will forward it to you.

    Oh, Honestly those abstracted pattern, so saturated colored hiking clothes and gears really hurt my eyes. U can spot a tour Group of Korean ajushi & ajuma from 100miles away since they wear the hiking clothing everyway!!

    Did u know hiking meet-up group(so called Dong-ho-whea) is kinda trendy way for quick NSA for Married Ajushi and Ajuma? U would see lot of lots of hiking clothes wearing Ajuma & Ajushi going into Love Motel at daytime instead of actually climbing Mountains. One of my friend used to make fun of them that they are properly dressed since they would climb up something or someone after all.LOL..

    Don’t know I can call myself Metro really. For me,when a male takes more time and use more cosmatics than a female, that is too much for my taste personally.

    BTW, thank again for the meetup info. I found several great groups I like to join already. 🙂

    Hope u are getting better everyday!

    best wish,


  6. Hi Jay,

    I’m curious to know more about that article asking foreign women about Korean men. Do you recall the website?

    I heard a lot of foreigner women in Korea talking about how “metrosexual” (i.e. well-dressed/pampered man) Korean men are compared to Western/Euro men, which is true actually… and doesn’t bother me. I prefer a man who is very clean and well dressed. One Korean guy I was dating in Seoul used to always use my moisturizer, hair serum and skin powder. He was a little more “metro” than most guys I’ve dated, Asian and otherwise.

    But I don’t think they’re referring to the ajumma and ajushi. Hahahah… OMG! That you even mentioned that made me laugh so much!!! I recall so many ajumma wearing hiking clothes everywhere.

    My good friend in Korea I call Hyung-nim (I know, it’s the wrong version) He’s an attorney and kind of an older brother type. One time he took me hiking with him and 40 of his friends (all ajushi) and got me soooo drunk on Makgoli. Then one guy said to me, “Look, it’s the march of the ajushi. Look at their hiking gear.” I couldn’t stop laughing so hard, and falling all the way down the mountain. And then I went into a Temple with them. We got some strange looks.

    Anyhow, really I hope that you just keep being yourself. Please don’t feel you need to become “westernized” because of something you read. If someone calls you a “metrosexual Korean/Asian guy” take it as a compliment.

    Oh, and btw… the Dr. person is loosely based on someone similar while exaggerated. I’m keeping kinda mum on this page, but can be more detailed if you shoot me an email.

  7. Hi, Cerise.

    Glad to hear you are getting better quickly. Just be careful before u are 100% sure fully recovered.
    And thanks for the great info… It looks like a great starting place for finding friends and explore the city. I will definitly check it out. I’m sure I will find several meet groups I can join.

    I saw an interview of foreign women in Korea of what they think of Korean male.. one of the common answer was they thought Korean males pay too much attention on their clothing and fashion. Do u find any truth in these opinion? I know Our A-Jushi & A-Juma kind of overdress with rather colorful climbing clothing and gears even they are going on a hike. if u know what I’m saying.. LOL

    Just curious Is Dr. K a R/L person or a character created by your pure imagination?

    take it easy and hope you’ll have a beautiful day ahead of you.


  8. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the compliments and well wishes! I’m recovering really well actually.

    I’m really glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time there in Toronto! 🙂

    When I first moved to Korea and didn’t know anyone I started joining meetup groups. Have you ever heard of Meetup.com? It’s pretty awesome. It’s not a dating thing… it’s a website that hosts tons of groups in every city of the world, for whatever you’re into. So, if you’d like to find a group of people who like camping or hiking together, you can find it there.

    Here, in case you wanna check it out —> http://www.meetup.com/find

    You may get tired of the bar scene. I started hanging out with a few Korean and foreign coworkers too, going to a few bars but then I grew tired of it pretty quickly. There’s only so many times one wants to baby sit a coworker.

    Anyhow, hope you have a lovely day!


  9. Hi, Cerise.
    sorry to hear u ended back in the hospital and find out u had a tick-borne virus. I know it can be fatal sometimes if you don’t treat it right and fast. At least U know what has caused your illness, so now you just need to get it cured. And you are already back writting some steamy erotica better than ever even. 🙂
    This time clearly Dom/sub theme is more obvious than before. However in a very tastful manner if I may say. Especially the reason I find your story more exciting is there seems always a blur area between ur personal experience and fiction. Kinda make ur imagination running wild cause there is always certain amount of personal experience in ur story. Expecting a new story sooner feels little bit selfish and kind a guilty. 🙂 So hope you will recover fully first then read another story after.

    Thanks for being suppotive for my move to Toronto. I’m enjoying my Toronto’s life very much. exploring the city is so much fun. Need to get involved in bar scene if I want to make some friends thou.
    How did you Socialized when u were in Korea?

    Anyway, please take care of yourself and get healty soon.

    wish u the best,


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