Holed Up in Mexico Beach City

…in a bungalow on the gulf coast.

And I’m working on a story inspired by a new friend from NY, wondering how nasty and twisted I wanna get with this new story. And whether or not I should evoke an erotic experience I shared with a lover, who happened to be from Seoul, South Korea.

I ate a potent cookie laced with marijuana an hour? ago… given to me by a very friendly local gal covered in faded biker tattoos. That may have some influence over my train of thought at the moment.

And so I might delete this later.

But while I’m “under the influence” I would like to point out how much I love when a man has a beautiful, organically created, natural tan (or brown) ass, and enough back there to oil up and massage… before caressing and softly and then not-so-softly stroking that lovely bronze cock.

With coconut oil, because I’m a coconut fiend.

Just a thought.

Oh, and here’s a super-dooper-filtered photo of me and my furry co-pilot, taken by a local beachcomber two days ago.

Fuzzy B & Me; semi-incognito

Fuzzy B

I’ll write more later.

Meanwhile, please feel free to lather yourself in coconut oil.

Whoever you are… male, female, Asian or whatever.
Coconut oil is really good for your skin.
Virgin and unrefined, not that processed shit.

I’ve heard that white people tend not to moisturize enough and I’m guilty of that as well so I’m trying to spread the word to white folk.

White people, please remember to moisturize.

11 thoughts on “Holed Up in Mexico Beach City

  1. Thanks Holly! ♡ He’s my snuggle buddy.
    I’ve left and returned to TN and I’m already missing it. I feel for you up there in Michigan. Hope you have something enjoyable to do during the winter season!

  2. I should’ve written Mexico Beach City. (just edited it in) It’s actually just south of the panhandle, off the gulf coast of Florida. The ocean water is sooooo warm.

    I agree about the coconut lube. Ain’t nothing like coconut-flavoured coochie. 😉

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