Grisly Nights

Lately I’ve been hesitant to publish the disturbing stories I’ve been working on. They keep ending up in a Private file for being too dark or bizarre. I should rename that file I Need Therapy. I’ve been reading stories by Liao Yiwu and Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer before drifting off to sleep late at … More Grisly Nights

Bewildering White Girls (Part II) –Barton Pham

“Lincoln, this is really exciting,” said Della. “Which part?” I asked. Was it that we both relaxed for long enough to be seen by each other? Was it that I just promised to lick her pussy – somewhat spontaneously? Maybe it was our subtle beginnings of confessing our racially explicit fantasies. My slight admission to … More Bewildering White Girls (Part II) –Barton Pham

Sincerity, Thoughtfulness and the Psycho Bears… It All Matters.

I woke up just after 4am this morning with my sister’s voice in my head. “…because we’re stardust contemplating stardust, sister, is what we are.” We’ve said this to one another for many years. It’s like our “thing” we say to remind each other to keep a broad perspective. It’s our sisterly mantra and duty. … More Sincerity, Thoughtfulness and the Psycho Bears… It All Matters.