Que sera sera

(isn’t me, but looks like me as a kid, while sucking my thumb) This post isn’t very AMWF related, but I’ll post it anyways because why the hell not. And it involves Lin some as he is a part of my life these days. Lately I tend to enjoy writing self-deprecating concessions more than anything … More Que sera sera

sexual proclivities of an off-white devil

I have come across my fair share of pervaphobes during my adulthood. And there have been times where my actions and words have been grotesquely and magnificently misconstrued by a few previous lovers due to their own fears and/or childhood to adolescent abuse having triggered a variety of defense mechanisms. Here is one example… Amongst … More sexual proclivities of an off-white devil

Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) –Barton Pham

“Okay,” I said. Taking off my clothes, I could see Della’s face through the door knob hole. She disappeared for a moment. “Della? uh…where’d you go?” I asked. I could hear her straining slightly, then appearing farther back than before, i saw her looking right at me… topless. I gulped and moved my head for … More Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) –Barton Pham

Grisly Nights

Lately I’ve been hesitant to publish the disturbing stories I’ve been working on. They keep ending up in a Private file for being too dark or bizarre. I should rename that file I Need Therapy. I’ve been reading stories by Liao Yiwu and Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer before drifting off to sleep late at … More Grisly Nights