Sucking Zhang (Part I)

Here’s another fun memory…

Sneaking behind a friend’s house with Zhang and getting down on my knees as he hurried to unzip his fly and stuff my mouth with his cock before our friends noticed that we were gone.

I was braless that day, wearing a thin, white baby tee and kept doing things like leaning over him to brush a nipple across his cheek and sitting in his lap in just the right way with my tits in his face..

Then he was suddenly too horny to wait anymore and his cock kept getting stiff, so the moment our friends were distracted he grabbed my hand and lead me through a side door to the back and we ducked behind the shed.

So, there we were.. Me on my knees and him fucking my mouth and throat, pumping my small face while grasping my head, his hands wrapped with my hair while groaning and panting… until he pumped several hot, milky loads of his seed into my throat.

Afterwards, my bottom lip was swollen, had split slightly in the middle and a droplet of blood rolled down my chin. That was probably another reason for our friends to give us the WhatheFUCK just happened? look when we slipped back in and pretended that we hadn’t left.

—-Continues to Part II

***I chose the name Zhang after one of my favorite artists, 張洹 [Zhang Huan] because his work inspires me and because I find him to be unbelievably sexy and beautiful, a masterpiece of masculinity.

5 thoughts on “Sucking Zhang (Part I)

  1. Hi, cerise or miagata(?)! I just stumbled upon this blog after coming across a literotica submission. I love the content and find it liberating and incredibly arousing. As an Asian man in a recent AMWF relationship, I would love to discuss and share some experiences and thoughts. Feel free to reach out! Best wishes

  2. That’s awesome! I’ve never been to Seattle or San Juan Islands. Camping there must be fun! I’m thinking about what avenues Asian men and White women might have in meeting each other. The West Coast is a definite hotspot!

  3. It was in Seattle and camping on the San Juan islands of Washington (the state)
    I’m glad that you enjoy my stories and thanks for letting me know. 🙂 Creative genre pertaining to AMWF is pretty hard to find actually. I’ve been searching on and off for years for stories and film… other than porn starring Keni Styles and Jeremy Long.

    There seriously needs to be a lot more and better quality interracial narratives in the world, in general.

  4. May I ask which state this happened in? Just wanted to add another dimension to my imagination haha! This is just incredibly hot how spontaneous you were, you must’ve been his wildest fantasy! The sexual chemistry between you two must have been rich, especially since you had to “put up appearances” among mutual friends.

    I just want to say again how refreshing and wonderful it is to see AMWF stories, I really wish more people would write them, or maybe I’m just bad at find them lol

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