Who Am I?

I’m a white female living in the U.S. of A. currently although I recently moved back from South Korea (Suwon, Seoul and Jeju Island) and have lived in Seattle, Hawaii, Tennessee and Florida as well.

So far this blog is in a fairly rough, beginning stage. This is where I share AMWF erotic stories in process, meaning pre-edited.

My stories are not entirely fictional. They’re threaded with real memories, personal fantasies and flavoured with my actual character. And I’m more of a storyteller than a writer. I enjoy telling a story rather than staring at a screen while typing for hours and hours.

Therefore, these stories are dictated almost entirely by using a voice to text app during late night walks.

Please feel free to critique whatever I have up and let me know what you like and dislike in my writing. Constructive, honest feedback of any kind is well appreciated. ❤

I have a preference for Asian men, but I wouldn’t call it an “Asian fetish” or what some might offensively label as “Yellow fever” which is actually a real viral disease bytheway– which has nothing to do with loving, lust for or having sex with Asian men. All three of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed without ever succumbing to the Yellow Plague which is transmitted by a female mosquito in many tropical environments of the world, yet ironically NOT in Asia.

And, while I’m it… I’m not a fan of cosplay, Kpop or Jpop either. (in case anyone is wondering)

I’ve simply always had a preference for Asian males, for many reasons, ever since my first crush at the tender age of 5, an adorable Japanese boy, also age 5. I brought some Hotwheels to my nanny’s church to lure him with and he said, “I already have my own.” —My very first heartbreak.

Anyhow, I began writing “AMWF” erotic stories because I’ve become fed up with the Western world not acknowledging the beauty and sexiness of Asian men and overlooking the desire of us non-Asian women who are attracted to them/you.

The absence of Asian male-White female romance, sex, and relationships portrayed in American/Western media has been truly disappointing.

So, this is my small contribution which I hope will do some justice to the attributes many of us women find so appealing, sexy and sensual about the Asian men of the world.

Bless all of the lovely Asian men the world over. ♡



12 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi there Jessie! Thank you so much for your feedback! I feel incredibly flattered by your kind words and I’m glad that you’re enjoying my stories. I’ll definitely continue sharing them as long as there are folk like you reading them. 🙂

  2. Where to start? Your blog is amazing. Flat out amazing. Great stories on a genre that really hasn’t been explored yet. Your story with Zhang was really hot. What’s incredible is that you’re blending all of these different identities together into a giant web of hot sex. Southern belle, the foreign white American girl in Korea.

    On the other side, we have the fresh off the boat immigrant vs the third generation ABC (American born Chinese). Exchange graduate students from Asian countries, rich Asian dudes with New Money, the possibilities are endless. You’ve also done a great job showing everyone how Asian guys that are just regular can be sexy.

    Thank you for sharing your personal stories! Big fan reporting in! Keep up the good work and don’t let haters get you down 🙂

  3. Thanks for your kind words, A & M! I truly appreciate receiving feedback from Asian men who enjoy my writing. 🙂
    I also wish more Western/white women were into Asian men for more mature, sincere and honorable reasons. Although it does seem to be changing for the better… so the future is looking warmer and I believe AMWF pairing will continue to grow.

  4. As a Asian man, Great stuff. I wish all white/ western girls who dated Asian men could be like you, just attracted because we’re asian, because we humans, and not because we look like kpop singers or guys that look like Manga charchters.

  5. Hey Holly! Thanks for checking out my stories. I’m glad that you liked them. And I love to hear about other women who have an appreciation for Asian men. I just can’t even imagine why some women don’t! But hey… more for us, eh? 😉

  6. wow! a lot of these stories are hot. please continue to write.

    And I must agree, I do have a preference to Asian men than others. I have dated or went on dates with all kinds of guys but find myself right now to be attracted to Asian men.

  7. Thanks, BAP! I’m flattered that you would take time to read my stuff. The 2 stories I’ve posted on here were initially published on an erotica website. I found it amusing, if not flattering, that a few have asked, “Where can I find that 찜질방?”

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