The Secretive Ming (Part III)

“Licking what?” He said, smiling and running his fingertips through my hair affectionately, like a mother would her child. Chills ran down my spine causing my nipples to perk up.

And clearing my throat again. “…her pussy.” It was so difficult to say, especially knowing it was our coach doing this to her.

And a stereotypical Chinese archetype had it’s dick, balls deep, in my brains and it had imploded, creating a fissure then spewing all kinds of thoughts at once into my mind… What happened to demure, prudish Sean???? Aren’t Chinese guys supposed to be, I dunno, uhhh… not this?! Shouldn’t he be suppressing his feelings of sexuality until the perfect Chinese girl comes along???? Isn’t he the good student who’s always at home studying? Ohhhh… right, and I’m the naughty one… the weirdo and the pervert, not Sean here.
And now Sean… Ming is suddenly “peer pressuring” me with his cock and his hands and those muscular arms and those beautiful dark eyes that look black in this dim light.
Our little secret.
I looked wide-eyed at him, absorbing this new image as he leaned in and brushed his lips across mine and ran his tongue along the crease between my lips. Then he lifted a damp curl out of my eye and whispered, “Look” and went to lock the door. 
I peered in to see Coach holding his cock and his mouth suctioned onto her pussy as she lifted her hips up and moaned… and he continued stroking himself. Then Ming came back and stood behind me, lifting my skirt and gliding his hands around my hips, my ass and between my thighs and over the slight mound in my panties until finding a wet spot and sighed into my hair while tracing it with a finger… and I pushed myself back up against him.
He leaned in hard on me so that I could feel his cock stiffening against my ass, pushing it against my coccyx, then he came around to my side and stopped to look at my face. 
“Tell me.” He whispered against my neck, pulling my hair hard to the side.
And then it suddenly hit me. He was manipulating me into doing this perverted, obscene act… while he stood back and observed this trashy little slut, peeping on her own friend. Some of the shame of my childhood and all the embarrassment, came flooding into me.. I suddenly distrusted him, thinking he would get off somehow on humiliating me. Wasn’t he that straight-laced, fastidious “good boy” from before? And what was I? What am I?
I froze. 
He took a step back. “What’s the matter?” 
I was beginning to feel humiliated already, sweating all over, eyes beginning to burn… 
“Are you wanting to humiliate me? To expose me? I thought you were my friend, Sean.
Why are you doing this?” and I was pushing against his chest, pushing him away.
His mouth dropped open in surprise and he lowered himself to me.
I continued, “Having me peep on my friend and Coach? Do I look like an idiot?”

“Hey… Hey. No no no… I just wanted to watch you become aroused. I promise”

He was pulling me in to him. “Hey… You can be embarrassed if you like. You can be naughty… or not. Whatever. I started this, remember? Do you wanna stop? Wanna leave?”

I was calming down and put my arms around his neck. “No. It’s okay… I’m okay. 

I said, “I wanna call you Ming.” and he replied, “Only when my cock is inside you.”
Then he picked me up and placed me back in front of the hole. “Tell me what’s happening now.” and he went down onto his knees, pushed my legs open, then put his head under my skirt and clamped his whole mouth over my pussy then heated my entire vulva with his breath. 
And I whispered, “Ok… April is bent over his sofa and Coach is fucking her from behind.” It still felt pretty awkward to watch and say. Now I would be keeping a secret from April.  
Ming pulled my panties to the side and his hot tongue slid between my lips and around my clit. My knees nearly buckled. 
“He’s fucking her really fast, hard… slamming… Ahhhhhh god..” It was difficult to keep commentating with him sucking my clit and I grabbed his head and held on. 
“What? Keep going.”  He was looking up at me. “Describe April’s pussy.” 
“What? No!” I whisper-screamed at him. His mouth fell open. “Ohhhh… Somebody’s jealous.” 
I became defensive, “That’s not it!” (A lie.) and he was smiling. “Ok, I’ll look myself.”  
And then I wedged myself between him and the hole… “No!” and he said, “Don’t you tell me No.” and pushed me hard against the wall then pulled up my skirt and lowered himself a little to push his cock into my panties, sliding it between my lips, into my wetness, and slowly humping me. I was soaked and his cock was really hot and he pushed just the head into me. 
I wrestled against him for a moment as he pinned my arms back hard, repeating against my ear, “Don’t say No to me, ever.” and I struggled against him, saying, “Nope! No.” 
It dawned on me that I had been waiting a long time for this bizarre moment. And I reeeeeeeally wanted him, bad.  
Face to face with him now, I whispered, “Ming… Please, fuck me.” and he slid both hands under my ass, lifted me up against him and lowered me down onto his cock. I felt him push me open from inside and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his back. Then he took me over to a leather sofa in the corner and fell onto it and deeper into me, then stripped his shirt off and worked his shorts down while I stripped myself.
Then he pinned my arms up and back while pumping slowly into me, “Are you planning to tell me No again?” and I smiled and said, “Yes, of course.” 
“Do you wanna call me Ming again?”
“Of course I do.” and he started fucking me harder, slamming into me… and I whimpered and asked him to kiss me. “Only if you apologize for calling me Ming so much. Are you sorry?” and he slowed down… “No” and he sunk in deep, making it hurt a little. “Ahhhhhhh!” I cried. “But you said I could call you Ming.” and he pushed my legs up higher, wider, sinking deeper and slamming into me hard a few times. I whimpered again and tried to move, to see if I could, but I was completely pinned. 
I felt entirely overpowered and subdued. He was breathing hard, his cock was fully charged and thick, barely sliding out of me then ramming it deep again, knocking the breath out of me. 
“Will you call me Ming again?”
This was becoming difficult. I sooooooooooo wanted to shout it now, but I was also scared to, which also made me wanna say it. I had no idea where things were headed and he was providing surprise after surprise today…
And yet, there seemed to be a fine line there.
“Yes… Ming.” 
Then I thought, “Shit. I said it.” and squeezed my eyes shut.
He said, “Ok, then!” and rose up over me then pushed down deep again as I began to squeal and he quickly clamped his hand over my mouth. 
“Shhhhhhhhhhh!” Fortunately, he was smiling.  
And I relaxed as he leaned down and licked my lips then slid his tongue deep into my mouth and began fucking me, rocking himself into me. 
And he sat up, continuing to pump me and coming dangerously close, slowing waaaaay down.
So, I softly rubbed my clit as he placed my ankles up on his shoulders to get even deeper… and he backed up, hitting my spot with the head of his cock over and over until I was starting to cry and tighten up on him. 
He doubled over for several seconds, calming himself, but I was too far gone and started fucking him back, ramming myself onto him as he said, “Wait… Calm down, I’m about… Ahhhh…” and I grabbed him, lifting myself up, begging… Pleeeeeeez… Ming, I’m cummmm…. and he sped up, slamming me hard and lifting my legs high again, then sunk deep into me, tensed all the way up and suddenly pulled out, falling over as his cock continued to twitch on my stomach, spilling hot cum over my abdomen. 
Then, he quite suddenly collapsed next to me, knocked out cold. 
I had never seen a guy pass out like that. I looked down at his sweet unconscious face and laughed quietly, leaning over him, thinking, “Wow, really? Like that, you’re suddenly unconscious?” then kissed him softly on the lips. 
Then, I swear… he abruptly wakes and sits straight up and says, “I’m gonna go look and see what’s happening.”
I pushed him back down and said, “No!”


11 thoughts on “The Secretive Ming (Part III)

  1. This is crazy. I really love your blog. While reading your “secretive Ming”, my lower part of the body is throbbing really hard. I love to see what’s underneath when a girl spreads their legs with short plaid skirt. I really want to lift up the panty and imagine a camel toe up against my nose.

    You made my day!

  2. Hi Jay!

    That’s awesome to hear that you obtained that work permit from the Canada immgration office! Congrats! I’m really happy for you. 🙂

    And thanks for complementing my writing! I truly appreciate your feedback and to hear that you enjoyed it!
    It did feel quite strange to be writing about such a personal experience that took place in my teen years.
    I kept thinking… Should I continue? Is this too weird? You’re correct in noticing the Dom/Sub play there.
    I would realize the importance of deciphering between healthy and unhealthy BDSM… much later.

    Anyhow, I’m stoked to hear that you’re settling in well.

    Good luck with everything and I hope you meet a lot of friendly people there!

  3. Great writting Cerise,
    Love the back and forth jabbing each other kind of intesfiy the scene. Even as a teenager, u two seems to click and knew how to work each other.. 🙂 bit of voyerism, or even a bit of Domination/submissive(don’t know that was ur intention) made a story much more interesting. Love to read the next part..
    BTW, I finally got my work permit from the Canada immgration office. So thanks for wishing me luck, it worked like charm. 🙂

  4. or maybe i should just ask her to wear her exact school outfit that she wore everyday stuffed somewhere in her closet as it wasnt too long ago when she finished school !

    nothing beats the original 😉

  5. Peter,

    No need to apologize for asking anything. 🙂 I would say that I’m certainly no prude… at least from my perspective. People are free to ask me anything on here. Hopefully this Ming story doesn’t give anyone the impression that I’m still the neurotic, overly-sensitive teenager from that era. And I certainly was during that time.

    Anyhow, good to hear that you’re enjoying some nice back and forth with the cutie you’re talking to! I wish you lots of luck there and hope that she turns out to be a sweetheart!

    Btw… at some point, when you have a lover/girlfriend you’re seeing regularly, you can always buy her a tiny, plaid schoolgirl skirt and some of those over-the-knee socks and just surprise her one day… 😉

    Have fun!


  6. Thanks for the reply Cerise

    I’m actually talking to a white girl right now who I approached at a bar not too long ago and shes a hot blondie! haha
    But yeah, alot of ppl still find online mediums abit werid but with the exception of tinder though.
    You only meet a certain number of ppl in your life and going online just opens up your net by possibly meeting ppl who are just not part of your normal flow of day to day lives.

    I shouldnt had asked about the date thing, i apologize. From reading the spa story to this, my impression of you was that you are a girl who likes to take chances/adventures and let the situation flow by itself. Which is the type of girl I’m really attracted too as opposed to you know like the typical goodie goodie and which is where those q’s came from.

    You got me as a fan of your blog and i hope you’ll will be releasing more of your stories very soon as I will be checking regularly.

    Thanks again Cerise,
    Peter 🙂

  7. I know. Right? ;-P

    Actually… I should add that I’m not much at all like that anymore. We were both fairly neurotic teenagers back then. Not just me. That boy also made me nutty, rolling his eyes, etc.

    Now, as an adult, I prefer being far more communicative, direct and honest… It’s far more sexy, healthy and functional that way.

  8. Hi Park,

    Thanks for the very flattering reply 🙂 I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed my stories and I hope that you start feeling more comfortable and confident about approaching white/other women.

    Btw… I was curious about the scene in Australia and noticed this –>

    I know many people don’t like finding partners online but more and more people are doing it, not because they’re desperate losers, but because they are particular and simply lack the time to hunt and hunt and hunt… It can be daunting and downright exhausting. I’ve tried it a few times because I also like to date outside my friend pool. And I’m also very particular.

    To answer a few questions… This particular story happened quite a while ago. (I’ll spare the actual dates ;-P)

    I’m not exactly sure as to what happened with April because our friendship sort of dissolved shortly after that, partially b/c we both moved away after graduation but also due to a disagreement over “Coach” who was married to a sweet yet oblivious lady at the time, and April began disappearing with him more often. It was a bit too disturbing for me. I spent the night with her later in the wk and confessed that I had seen them. I thought she’d be kind of embarrassed but she ended up making a pass at me and licking my shoulder and I recall saying, “Get a grip!” which is something I never say. Haha..

    Anyhow, thanks again for commenting!

  9. Thank you for sharing these stories!
    I’ve read every story on your blog and it really inspired me to start relationships with white women.

    My story is kind of similar where back in ’95, I too was also 5 yrs old and my first crush was with a white girl in my class. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and I had a huggeee crush on her, luckily for me i was able to get my first kiss from her even though it was just a quick peck. This little memory at age 5 definitely left a huge mark on me which carries through to today.

    As I went in to my first yr in high-school which was ’03 (we dont have middle school/high school here in Aus),not to sound stuck up or anything but alot of asian girls liked me all through-out my life but instead, I tried to pursue the hottest white girl in school who was a brunette and in my class but awkwardly failed (i f’ed up and pretty much choked under the fear of being rejected). And because of that f’k up, I pretty much just stayed away from white girls in general even though in the back of my mind, I was really attracted to them.

    I just turned 25 few weeks ago and I’ve been mostly been with just asian girls and halfies. Now that i have alot more experience now, I’ve decided it is finally time to open up again and start relationships with as many white girls as I can. If i ever do decide to get married, i would much rather be with a white girl than anyone else.
    Also for this reason, this is how i found your blog. I’ve read your stories on the other site and then eventually it directed to here.
    Thanks again for sharing, not only was it hot and entertaining but also very inspiring that these things can happen! Looking forward to read more

    Oh and btw, all these teenage girl references made me do a flashback to my highschool days – imagining a hot white girl in short plaided skirt, smokey cat eyes, thigh-high socks, etc, I’m not implying anything for obvious legal reasons but I’m not gonna lie that is f’kn HOT and if you dont mind me asking, what happened to April after all this and how long ago was this?? did she move to Japan like how you moved to Korea?

    Thanks again

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