The Secretive Ming (I and a 1/2)

Quick note: Hopefully my story doesn’t seem to sexualize teenagers or encourage anyone to have sex with minors.
That definitively isn’t my intention.

Much of this story comes from my own experience.
A few details have been altered and omitted, and names have definitely been changed.

Here’s a brief history on Me… which will later tie back in to the story.

I had quite a temper in my late teens, what with my family-related issues as well as being taunted and bullied earlier in life for being “peculiar”.

I was an acrobat between the ages of 5 and 12, and would often show up to school wearing a leotard and/or costume wear up until the 4th grade. This includes a stretchy red nylon tuxedo jacket lined with black sequin. I was especially fond of that one. Looking as dapper as a circus monkey.

The kids laughed and laughed, until they watched me do somersaults across the school yard one day. Then I was like the school super hero for a minute. Especially after stripping down to my Wonder Woman underoos during recess.

I was encouraged artistically by my parents and so I used to practice sketching nudes, especially women. I was fascinated by the idea of the female body I would someday have. And when kids in my 4th grade class saw those drawings they tossed my sketchpad around, laughing at their “privates” and calling me gay. There were a lot of parent-teacher meetings.

Eventually I made good on this stigma because when I was around 12 I had several intimate experiences with a very pretty mixed (black/white) girl with amber-coloured eyes and long black eyelashes. She would come to my house after school and we would talk about boys, play our favorite music and dance to slow, sexy music in my room, in our panties and tiny bras. After a while we would end up locking my door and going down on one another. Surprisingly, we went to the point of getting one another off a few times.

Then one night she broke down and told her parents everything and was never allowed to come to my house again. That made for quite the sit down conversation with my very Christian fundamentalist mother. I listened in horror, as the words left her mouth after a long, exaggerated sigh, “Just had a long talk with Kelly’s father…”

Shortly after that rumors of it spread… and so no kid would come visit my house anymore. The shame and humiliation I felt was pretty intense.

Then, around a month into 7th grade, I was called a dyke and a weirdo by several kids. I was very petite with long blonde hair down to my waist and one day several boys of the football team (all big, cornfed, white country boys) held me against the gym lockers, their hands full of my hair, yanking my head back while violently dry-humping me while at least 20 other kids jeered and heckled, “You like that, lesbo?! You like that dick?!” Funny though… I had always liked boys, but none ever like them.

After that episode I refused to return to that school again and threatened to disappear. So, on that note, my sister and I were both sent off to Florida, to the Christian boarding school for misfits.

So, now fast forward several years to a young man named Ming (and Sean) sitting next to this young woman (the “dykey” weirdo).

I’ll admit.. I still have a deep prejudice, distrust and resentment towards a certain caucasian type of man, especially white men involved in sports. And Sean unfortunately witnessed my temper turn nasty on a few occasions, in relation to him. And I reeeeeally don’t like losing my temper. I find it incredibly embarrassing.

However, this one big, blonde kid used to make remarks to embarrass me in front of Sean while insulting him at the same time. “Ohhhh.. who’s got yellow fever!” and then “Ching chang chong, get it get it” and I snapped, almost yelling across the room, “Ching chang chong just means ‘I suck cock” so hey… go right ahead. If you like cock you like cock. No one is judging!” … and the whole class erupted in laughter as his face turned bright red.

Later on he would embarrass me once more and I just straight up slapped him as hard as I could across the face. It was loud.

Sean was definitely taken aback and I thought he would surely avoid me after that.

But things continued and one minute we were buddies, sharing music, movies and jokes. And other times he would look at me as though he would like to bend me over something and fuck me really hard.

Continues to Part II


6 thoughts on “The Secretive Ming (I and a 1/2)

  1. Aww thanks Cerise, you’re too kind! Hey if you ever need anyone to look over any stories or writings, or share ideas, my email is I mean it, I really do enjoy reading your texts and can help you with the Asian male perspective as well.

  2. Thank you, GXL. It was a very long time ago but sometimes cruel words can embed themselves. Nowadays I choose long walks and meditation over slapping people.
    Anyhow, thanks again for your kind words.
    Sending warmth back to you. 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry you went through all of that. People can be so cruel. I can’t believe people just stood by and no one defended you. Sending good vibes your way!

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