Dr. Katsumi Muramoto’s Orders (Part III)

This story is stirring up some dark waters, so to speak.

Feel free to critique it and share your thoughts.

If only men knew the secrets of women like I’ve known them. Unlike their boyfriends, lovers and husbands often have.

Stories definitely change depending on who’s listening or reading. I’m sure that could be said of men as well.

Nonetheless, some of my female friends in Seattle will say, “I’m a recovering masochist.” –because it’s amazing what so many women will allow men to do to them, physically and psychologically.

And, I can pretty much say that for myself as well.

Being pseudonymous and sporadically fictive in my writing gives me room to “admit” to more here than I usually would… because on here who’s to tell what’s fact from what’s fiction?

I needed some good whiskey to finish this… Just a little buzz, not a lot.

I was flat on my back, on the mat, and he reached down under my thighs, lifting the lower part of me up into his lap until my clit was almost touching his lower abdomen.

I pulled the blindfold down to see his handsome, light brown face and those pitch-black eyes. His satiny, mauve-covered lips, the pretty kind so many Asian men have, so lovely and soft… and those teeth are oh so sharp.

He saw how glossy and red my eyes were, that my thighs trembled in his lap and how red and swollen my pussy was from his pounding.

“Why didn’t you ask me to stop or to be more gentle?” He asked while picking the wet hair out from my eyes.

I said, “I was letting you do what you wanted. I thought… it turned you on to hurt me. Is this my therapy?”

He looked down at my face and scrunched his brows, considering my question.

Then he slid me back off his lap onto the mat and looked at me lying there with my legs spread apart, pink streaks and welts all over the creme-colored skin of my thighs and ass.

“You like it when a man hurts you” he half-asked looking directly into my eyes.

I couldn’t answer that.

And then he laid down on top of me so that his warm stomach laid flat to mine and pushed my knees further apart with his, working himself between my thighs.

“Has a man ever struck you?”

Strange timing for that question, after wailing on me just minutes prior.

My eyes widened and I backed my face away to see his better.

“Why? You want to hit me?”

He said softly, “No. I’m asking as your therapist.”

“You’re also a man… who’s lying on top of me.”

“It’s true.” He said, “I am.”

“Well, then. Um… My ex boyfriend has a temper… and called me “fucking white trash” then backhanded me two times last month. My roommates heard it, Toshi heard… It was embarrassing.”

So, there it was. Had Toshi told him already?

He propped himself up higher above me, looking down into my face, looming over me, watching me shrink.

Then I saw it in his eyes… knowing.

“Oh. Toshi told you, didn’t he.”

My heart was racing, embarrassment setting in.

“It’s ok.” he said, trying to reassure me.

“No, it isn’t.” I said, trying to sit up.

I pushed against his shoulders and he grabbed my wrists and held them down.

“It’s ok, Cerise.”

“No, wait.” I said, trying to climb backwards, struggling against him.

He let me push and push against him, while holding me firmly, until my arms were weak and then he held them down above my head as I panted and moaned in defeat.

I stopped writhing and struggling and could feel his hard cock pressing against my wet opening, wanting in.

“I’ll fuck the pain out of you.”

I looked into those lovely dark eyes.

“Yes. Fuck the pain out of me.”

And then he closed his mouth over mine and slid his big, warm tongue deep into my mouth and slowly around mine, kissing me deeper and deeper. It was scary how he made my heart throb.

He eased just the head of his cock in and out as he kissed me sooooooo deep I felt as though I would be consumed by him.

He was slowly humping just the inside of my swollen little hole, steadily.

I was so eager for him to fuck me deep and hard.

For him to take it.

I felt myself becoming so slippery, droplets of my juice streaming down to the mat, making a tiny pool of girl pre-cum below me. He was teasing me painfully.

His wetness blended with mine, becoming so slippery together as he reached down I looked down, to see his cockhead gleaming, glazed with my pussy juice and a glistening strand of his pre cum streaming from his cum-hole to mine.

Then he crawled backwards down my body until his face was between my thighs and gave my tender, hurting pussy the softest, slowest lick and my pelvic muscles twitched.

He kissed and suctioned his mouth around my clit then began sucking. My cunt was so sensitive and aching from his initial abuse that it responded easily to his tongue… swelling, throbbing, twitching… and I wanted to cum almost instantly.

I laid my head back and began my soft, high-pitched moans and cries, moving my hips back and forth… and in very little time I was pulling his head closer in as his saliva mixed with my cunt juice and rolled down to the floor as he slurped it like a freshly opened peach, making my whole vulva tingle throughout.

The tiny spasms grew and grew and were building with each swirling motion and flicker of his tongue. My pussy tightened and I wanted to be fucked sooooooo…….. FUCKING BAD —RIGHT THEN.

I sat up on my elbows and began begging him, breathlessly pleading, “Please… Please please please… Mmmmmmm… I need to fuck.”

I needed to fuck so bad it was painful. I was delirious.

“Pleeeeeez…. please?” I was crying like this pathetic little white girl wanting her big Asian Daddy to mount her pink little pussy and pound it until she cried beneath him.

I was writhing and lifting my knees higher, offering it up to this beautiful tan-skinned male to mate hard and deep.

I reached down, putting my hands under his armpits and tried to pull him up but he was too heavy. He just looked up at my face to watch me beg.

And he said, “Beg me” while looking up at me with those dark, lust-drunk, glossy black fucking eyes.

I was a crying little cat in heat, begging the male to take the pussy.

And I genuinely begged, “Please. Please I need to be fucked” whimpering like a child, my voice getting so small… “Please… You can do anything you want… fuck me sooooo hard, ram my pussy…”

I could tell this was doing it for him, to have me sincerely pleading and offering it like that. His narrow eyes peered up at me in such a predatory way as he licked the drool from the corner of his lips, while softly humping the mat with his purple-brown swollen cock.


He was suddenly up on his knees and I was lying back for him. And he grasped the underside of my things, pulling them up and was sliding himself into me and I could feel that fat head go deeper and deeper in… until reaching my end and a slight piercing push as he bottomed out.

I lifted my knees high, gasping…

And he was sooooo deep inside me, pushing me open, plunging my tight, neglected pussy, getting it all the way in.

He groaned in such a heavy, masculine way, slowing down to say, “It’s okay, Cerise.. I’ll fuck your tight, little pussy sooooo deep you’ll forget everything but now.”

His cockhead was pressing up into my spot over and over again. I started crying, “Ahhhh… I’m gonna cum” but he sunk down, way down deep into me and he stopped me, whispering, “Shhhhhh… I’m sorry, you can’t cum yet.”

But I wanted to cum so bad… and he was lifting my legs higher and higher, putting me into buck position, slamming into me… and I moaned and gasped, “Oh god… I’m gonna cum.”

He whispered into my ear, “Just breeeeeathe…” as he continued taking long slow strokes into me.

And then he bent his head down…. softly licking and sucking both of my hard, pink nipples… then he bit into my left breast. I cried out and grasped his head and he moved to my shoulder and bit in deep. I turned to mush, closing my eyes tight… as he continued to fuck me deep and slow… then he bit down into the crook of my neck and I was entirely subdued.

“Tell me, I like it when you hurt me. Tell me, Cerise.”

His face was just a few inches above my face and I didn’t shy away..

“I like it when you hurt me.” I said sincerely, looking up into his eyes.

He was moved by my words and kissed me softly, sliding his tongue into my mouth and sinking his cock so deeply into my cunt that the pressure travelled up my spine and lit me up. My pussy ignited, throbbing as I moaned aloud and contracting around his cock as he pumped with a tight suction in and out of me… tugging my insides as he went… and indeed I was forgetting every-fucking-thing before that moment.

Until I spasmed sooooooo hard, squeezing him, my pussy muscles were milking him deep inside me… sucking out all that potent semen….

and lifting my knees as he rocked back into me until he began gushing deep, deep inside, against my cervix.

I felt the heat of his load as it was filling me, flooding into me.

And he finished us both off, rocking into me as spurts of his warm cock-milk drizzled down my crack until his nuts were thoroughly spent and sated.

The session was complete.

All in all, it was indeed… very therapeutic.

We scheduled many more appointments a few months out in advance.

As he said, I would need to become more compassionate towards myself and learn to see this “pain fixation” through a more positive lens, from a nurturing, loving perspective.

I would follow his counsel and advice… along with the aid of his mouth, his hands, his teeth and cock to guide me.

And it would take many sessions… but I would get there. I had faith.

With him as my mentor and his steady but firm hand in guidance…

He would go deep, deep down inside me and help me achieve it.

I was sure of it.

I looked forward to it.


5 thoughts on “Dr. Katsumi Muramoto’s Orders (Part III)

  1. Yeah-it helps to have counter narrative in your life.

    I find that Asian women seldom view young boys as sexual targets- bodies to defuse and diffuse. Whuch is why- well, you know my thesis….

    Hey- tell me more about that Speakeasy? You have my email…and, tell me more about ” dark water”? that you mention in your post?

  2. I mean wouldn’t that be a ultimate goal and highest purpose of our existance? just bringing the pain out of this world. How lucky would it be if we can do that by fucking. 🙂

  3. Cersie…
    fantastic writing as always. However there is this one sentence just stood out more than anything and it just sums up why I draw to ur story espically this series..

    “I’ll fuck the pain out of you.”
    Seriously just reading that line was kind of therapeutic as u mentioned..:)

    Thank u~~~

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