Que sera sera

(isn’t me, but looks like me as a kid, while sucking my thumb) This post isn’t very AMWF related, but I’ll post it anyways because why the hell not. And it involves Lin some as he is a part of my life these days. Lately I tend to enjoy writing self-deprecating concessions more than anything… More Que sera sera

sexual proclivities of an off-white devil

I have come across my fair share of pervaphobes during my adulthood. And there have been times where my actions and words have been grotesquely and magnificently misconstrued by a few previous lovers due to their own fears and/or childhood to adolescent abuse having triggered a variety of defense mechanisms. Here is one example… Amongst… More sexual proclivities of an off-white devil

Wino forever.

I’ve decided to become a wino. At least for the next few days… then I’ll travel south with my doggy comrade, Fuzzy B, towards the gulf of Mexico, rent a cabin near the beach and swim in the ocean for several days. And I’ll think about nothing. Just be in the sea. My doctor told me… More Wino forever.

Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) –Barton Pham

“Okay,” I said. Taking off my clothes, I could see Della’s face through the door knob hole. She disappeared for a moment. “Della? uh…where’d you go?” I asked. I could hear her straining slightly, then appearing farther back than before, i saw her looking right at me… topless. I gulped and moved my head for… More Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) –Barton Pham