Sucking Zhang (Part V)

Zhang was getting to know some of my quirks. And not just the ones I share openly.

This includes finding me on my knees in his tent, nose deep in a pair of his undies scrunched up in my hands. He smiled and snatched them from my paws saying, “Oh my… you are a kinky little thing.”

Well, while I’m being honest… I’m also an underwear thief.

After having sex with a man I really like I’ll steal his underwear and never own up to it. And later, while I’m alone in my bed, I’ll hold them against my nose, smelling his sex, and fall asleep that way. Then I’ll probably wear them around the house and shove a sock down into the front and stare at my faux cock-bulge in the mirror while doing my best male stripper dance, trying to turn myself on.

This is truer than you think.

I stole Zhang’s underwear as well. Two pairs, actually.

After a rigorous search of his tent, Zhang finally said, “Damn, I like that pair. They snug my balls really well. Do you have them?” I shrugged and said, “What? Nope. Hmmm.. weird. Well, they’ll turn up.” (They’ll never turn up)

Anyhow. Back at the campsite..

Zhang and I had given each other space to spend time with friends and two whole days rolled by without touching one another at all.

I was getting antsy, wearing less and less clothing as the air thickened with humidity… until I was finally down to a pink string bikini and thong sandals.

I noticed Zhang in his lounge chair.. eyes fixed on my tits and glued to my ass whenever I bent over for something… so I bent even lower. So low that he could easily see the shape of my vulva and the crease dividing my pussy lips. And then he covered his lap with a book as Jun walked by.

So I went to his side, perched down and whispered into his ear..

“Zhang, whenever you want to get off in my mouth… just say it.” and grazed my lips along his earlobe, “You should jack off into my mouth. Whenever you want.. I’ll open my lips for you.” and I winked then went about preparing vegetables for later as Zhang stared at the back of me, contemplating what I had just said.

However, I began to wonder if I was making it too easy, maybe? I wanted him to reeeeeeally wanna cum in my mouth. I wanted his balls to be full and ripe and sensitive… engorged with sperm.

I decided to steal some time to meditate and swim so I hiked further up the mountain, thinking that no one would find me there.

When I finally found a peaceful, comfy spot I sat still, trying to let go of all thoughts and sensations… but I kept thinking of Zhang and my pussy began to ache and moisten.

Recalling his dark eyes and his voice, those soft lips and his sex, was distracting me and I began to breathe heavier than before and to put my hand down into the front of my bikini to massage myself, sliding my finger around my swelling clit and into the slippery area beneath until I was getting close to cumming… but then I stopped myself. I wanted to wait for Zhang, to build intensity.

So I stripped naked and dove into the pool of cold, fresh mountain water beside me.

A short time later he had found me. I had swam to the other side and now he was watching me so I waved him in but he waved for me to swim back towards him.

My body appeared solid white, like polished alabaster, in the clear frigid water. And my honey-colored hair was now a deep copper against my shoulders as my nipples lightened to a pale lavender. The blood had escaped my hands entirely, leaving my fingernails light blue. In other words.. that water was freezing ass cold!

I swam over to him and he said, “Dear, you’re stone white!”
And I replied, “Well, I heard you liked white girls, sooo…” and smiled up at him, shivering all over.

“Did you mean what you said? Would you suck me whenever I want, like that?”

He sat down on a big rock nearby and spread a towel on the ground between his legs and I pulled myself out of the water then crawled over to it.

“Yeah… Zhang. I meant it.”

And he smiled that sweet smile as I got up onto my knees. And he unzipped his fly and brought his crotch closer to my face.

His beautiful brown cock flopped out of his pants half erect.

“Will you help me get it hard?”

He asked so sweetly it made my heart swell. And then he offered me the thick, swollen head and I lifted my mouth and slid my tongue along the shaft.

“Ah! Damn. Your mouth is soooo cold.”

I told him that he would probably need to get himself off and cum into my mouth from above and I would drink him that way. That I would love to do that for him. Any way to have him in my mouth..

I realized that the image of me in that position would set me dangerously close to the infamous porn slut, cum-guzzler archetype that men habitually use then discard along with their cum-soiled tissues… but there was a sweetness and vulnerability to Zhang. So, I would risk it for him.

He asked, “Are you sure?” but he was already fully hard and stroking… as I perched lovingly beneath him like an adoring kitten.

Then I sat back on my hands and spread my legs to give him a better view of my pink swollen clit and began to massage it with my middle finger, watching his muscular tan hand work his sex like that, hearing the friction become wetter as precum oozed into his hand..

He was pumping while his eyes remained focused on my cunt.

“God. Your pussy is soooooo pink, like a ripe little peach.”

And I was warming up and swelling, leaking my girl juices… so I laid all the way back with my legs open and upped my rhythm, massaging my cunt faster and sliding two fingers in, soaking them..

Zhang watched, biting his lip, while he continued massaging and working himself in his warm, wet hand.

And then my pussy started to throb, twitch and soak the towel beneath as I felt myself building up to climax.

He demanded that I get back onto my knees beneath him and I did what he said, knowing he was getting close… even though I was also on the brink.. aching painfully as my whole vulva pulsated.

He released his cock, letting it hover over my face and I licked his lovely bronze shaft from base to head then closed my lips over the fat, purple swollen head… sucking and slobbering all over it, drooling and making soft suctioning sounds around the head.

I needed to cum so bad it hurt so I started fingering my hole and rubbing my clit again to get there..

And while my pussy contracted I closed my mouth again over his head and went down on the shaft just as I moaned deeply, full of emotion and came hard all over my fingers…

He suddenly gasped, “Oh god” and pulled me off him then lifted my chin up and said, “Open your mouth wide” and aimed his cock towards my tongue just as hot, pearlescent fuck-juice splurted all over my tongue… then into my throat.

He was cumming and cumming hard… holding my face up and filling my mouth. Then he clamped his cock to stop the flow and gaze for a moment into my mouth at his hot, silken, luminous work of art drowning my tongue and oozing from my teeth… then he whispered, “Swallow” and I reached up and lovingly touched his face then put my lips together and gulped it down.

Upon seeing me do this he slid a finger over my cum-slicked, puffy lips and gently laid me down onto my back then not-so-gently mounted me, hard.

I reached up for him but he grabbed my wrists and pinned my arms back then held me down and worked my legs open.

My cunt was slick and throbbing.. so he got it in me and groaned, “Oh god.. you’re sooooo fucking wet” then drove it all way home and held it there.

Then, while looking down into my eyes he said, “I want you to be my fuckdoll. Wanna be my little fuckdoll?”

I whispered, “Yesss” as though he were proposing marriage.

He was getting close to cumming again… slamming it home again and again, knocking the air from my lungs each time..

He continued, while slamming hard and deep into my pussy, “And you’ll suck… and suck… and suck… and drink me.. and swallow my cummmm… whenever I want.”

I arched my back and cried, “Ahhhhh…. yesss… I will. I’ll suck you and drink you… I will.. I promise. I promise..”

Then he abruptly pulled out of me and crawled over my waist, straddled my chest… lifting my head and ordered me, “Open for me, sweetie” and I opened my mouth wide so he could lay his jerking, pulsating cock on my tongue and watch in ecstasy as his hot seedy milk splurted out, coating my tongue and my throat and he continued milking himself until the very last drop oozed down to my tongue.

I was in heaven, absolute bliss, to watch this beautiful male express his sexuality so freely and naturally with me pinned underneath as the willing, lust-drunk recipient… my mouth filling up so much that I closed my throat and glistening spermatozoa drizzled down the sides of my face.

And, with his fingers, he gently pressed my swollen, red lips together as I continued holding his warm, salty spunk in my mouth…

Then he cradled my head as he wiped my cheeks, chin and mouth with a wet corner of the towel, then kissed me softly on my pursed lips while lovingly stroking my bloated cheeks…

“Now, my sweet doll… swallow.”


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