Bewildering White Girls (Part III) –Barton Pham

I almost lost my breath and must have looked a little bit aroused because as she looked up and said it again, rather than breaking eye contact early, she gave a little wink and smile.

“I really want to have two Asian men at the same time,” she said.

I swallowed once, cleared my throat, and asked her to excuse me – I needed a moment to speak with Benny. I went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water first, pouring one also for Della. I set her glass down, smiled at her, and said,

“Gimme a minute.”

“Okay, I’m in no rush Lincoln… I… mm. I have all night so tell Benny to come when he wants to, okay?” asked Della, the delay in her laugh revealed her late notice of the double entendre.

“Twizz,” I said.

“What?” asked Della.

“T. W. S. S. …twizz,” I said, to a clearly confused Della, “Never mind. Gimme a second.”

I walked down the narrow hallway leading to the two bedrooms in the house. Only then did I start wondering how exactly this was going to work. I had only ever gotten close to a threesome once, but the third passed out cold somewhat early on, leaving me and his girlfriend in a twosome. One other time I made out with two girls, but they were really just after some cannabis. The extra person added a lot of heat because of the unknown potentialities. Still… what the hell was I going to tell Benny?

Well, like I said before, where the situation has no prescribed social protocol, I go into a direct and honest mode – for better or worse. I stepped into my bedroom, closing the door gently behind me. I hit speed dial 2, listened to the phone ring twice, heard a loud click and metallic “ting” and heard him pick up his end.

“Hey hey! Lincoln, we’re about to leave the Levan Pub… [incoherent] heading there first. So [incoherent] …but I gotta ask, how’d it go with ‘annoying girl’?”

“Hey bro. It’s great. Her name’s Della by the way,” I start talking loudly too as a reaction to the noise level in Levan, “and she’s over here at our place right now. That’s why I’m calling,” I said.

“[incoherent] what? What did you say? Hang on a sec…” said Benny. A moment or two later, the bar noise was almost completely gone.

“Okay, sorry, go ahead, I’m outside,” said Benny.

“Della’s here now, at home…” I said.

“The hell are you talking to me for, go attend to your lady friend,” said Benny, laughing.

“Okay… How drunk are you?” I asked. He had a habit of rhyming phrases while inebriated. A natural born poet that one with his love of wine, words, and women.

“I’m good, I’m good,” said Benny, still chuckling. “…oh my god.” Benny was in the throes of outright laughter now.

“What?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“You want to know if I’ll join you two. You cheeky fuckers! Am I right? Am I right?” he asked.

“How in the hell… did you know… no way…” I said, “that’s like ESP or something.”

Benny must have been holding his ribs from laughing so hard.

“Nah. I put two and two together. It’s the middle of the night, my man. You’ve just finished a date and I would normally guess trying to figure out whether to go to bed or muster the troops to meet up with us. But you never call me to meet up, man, you always text.” he said.

“Hmm..” I nodded to myself… not bad for a drunk, “you’ve been watching Sherlock again haven’t you?

“If you don’t text, it’s probably for sex!” roared Benny, no doubt making a spectacle of himself on the sidewalks.

“But seriously… is it weird? I mean, I’m cool with it, and Della, well it’s her request.” I said.

“Lincoln, we are most definitely cool with this here. But it’s gonna take me about an hour to get back. Can you keep our guest entertained?” asked Benny.

“Yeah, I’m sure I’ll come up with something.” I said.

I hung up the phone and did a mental fist pump. That was easier than I expected. Things could not be any better. I locked my phone and slid it into my front right pocket and I made my way out. As I went to leave my bedroom, I reached to open the door only to discover a giant hole where the doorknob used to be.

The fucking doorknob had fallen off and into the hallway… click… (ting). I was locked in.

“Uh… Hey! Della! Can you hear me?”

“What is… that you Lincoln?”

“Yeah, I’m stuck in my room! The door! …can you come here? Kinda need hand!”

Della peeked her head around the corner, saw my face partially through the doorknob hole, and came towards me.

“You’re okay right?” she asked.

“Oh, me, yeah, I’m good… in fact. Benny said yes but can’t get back until around midnight.” I said, sharing the good news.

“Wow… I can’t believe this is happening,” said Della, making big eyes at me.

“Well, maybe,” I said, “as long as we can fix this. So can you go into the hallway closet and grab that beat up orange ‘looking box? Two clasps. I can guide you through it.”

“I don’t know, Lincoln. I’m not terribly good at this manual stuff.”

“It’s fine, sweetie. It’s easy, and I’m here the whole time.

“I don’t think I can…” said Della.

“Why?” I asked, now seriously confused.

“Well, it’s labor, don’t you think I should be compensated?” said Della uncharacteristically.

“What are you… what do you mean Della?” I asked.

Della continued, “I accept Visa, MasterCard, and nice Asian cock.. And I think I see your wallet out here.”

“Is that right?” I asked.

“Mmm hmm, and I require payment – up front. So if you could please slide your payment through this hole here, I can get started.”

Continues to Part IV

6 thoughts on “Bewildering White Girls (Part III) –Barton Pham

  1. This is a hotass, sick, story! The author really knows how to ebb and flow. Builds up suspense and drama, just like in real life. Everyone thinks we all want crazy, wild porn, no struggles or difficulties, cocks and boobs flying everywhere!!!.

    When Della feared she might be racist, that’s hot, because that’s real. When Lincoln felt embarrassed admitting he loves white pussy, that’s hot, because that’s real. Sometimes reality is the hottest, because, well, it’s real.

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