Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) –Barton Pham

“Okay,” I said. Taking off my clothes, I could see Della’s face through the door knob hole. She disappeared for a moment.

“Della? uh…where’d you go?” I asked.

I could hear her straining slightly, then appearing farther back than before, i saw her looking right at me… topless. I gulped and moved my head for a better viewing angle. She had a spectacular body from what I could see.

I have always loved the look of smaller breasts, squeezable-in-one-hand sized. I like the way it makes a woman’s body look tighter; I like curves… streamlined curves. And Della was kneeling in my hallway, gorgeous small breasts, a proud cute look, nipples prominently aroused.

“You have a sexy body, Della,” I said, “I want you.”

Della blushed, turned her torso away from me for a moment, and smiled. Her nipples couldn’t have been any harder.

“Really?!” she said, “…like my breasts?”

“Oh yeah, for sure,” I said, “they look like they’re… well… maybe they’re missing one thing – otherwise it’d be perfection,” I said.

Della couldn’t bear to look up as she asked, “What… what are they missing?”

“My mouth all over them,” I said, flashing a wicked grin, “No, honey, I think they’re absolutely perfect.”

She smiled broadly, and thanked me.

“I used to make my boyfriends have sex in the dark…” she said. Her words trailed off.

“Well, I think we should leave ’em on,” I said, thinking it would be a comical tangle of a threesome otherwise.

I went into the master bedroom bathroom briefly and asked loudly from around the corner,

“Listen, Della, I know it’s awkward to ask, but… did you go to the Sex Health Fair this past October?” I stopped the faucet to listen for her answer.

“I know what you’re going to ask, Lincoln, and no I don’t have any STIs, and I’m on the pill,” she said.

Phew, last major hurdle – completed.

“Okay cool,” I replied, “both Benny and me are clean too… I saw his clinic report by accident.”

I finished my last-second bidet rinse, swished a bit of mouthwash, and used some aftershave lotion on my hands since I couldn’t find the hand lotion. I checked my nails, yep, clipped recently, and I walked in the nude toward the door. Della shuffled on her knees toward me too.

“Hello? We need to process payment right away, sir!” she said.

I almost burst out laughing at her playfulness, and replied in turn,

“Yes right away, pardon me. Let’s see here… damn it, I seem to have left my credit cards at home.”

“Don’t get cute with me, mister! I can see you have plenty for payment right between your legs,” she said with a fake look of aggravation, “now I do need to make sure… you are Asian, are you not? We don’t presently accept any other forms of cock.”

I am indeed. I put an undershirt along the hole and slid myself through. It felt… strange, for a second or two, just hanging out in the hallway like that. I could feel the draft moments before I felt her lips kissing the head, then along the shaft, and then the head again. I let out a little moan with my sigh. She started flicking the underside with her tongue, sucking the head with a pop and then alternating, and I grunted with every pop… the intensity of each increasing, each a shot of warm electricity radiating through me.

The most exciting part was feeling and hearing her enthusiasm. She would make comments like, “it’s so brown, so big, and so beautiful…” and “I’ve always wanted this,” and I felt pleasure at being the object of her desire. Sucking off a tall Asian classmate was probably as hot to her as it was for me to get head from a pretty white girl. It felt fantastic. She was skilled, and I wanted her badly.

She took her time, rubbing, sucking, stroking and admiring me.

“Della…. that’s reeeeally good,” I would manage to say between moans.

“Mmm…” she replied.

Several minutes later, Della had me so hard and throbbing, I could barely think straight. She stopped briefly, and I stood absolutely still, listening…. wondering when that amazing cock sucking would begin again.

Ah, there we go. Della did something new, I didn’t know what at first… all I knew was I let out an involuntary moan from the grip around my cock. It was a loud moan.

“Jeeesus, oh god, yeah,” I said. I slammed my fist against the door frame, “yea baby! fuuuck.”

“That’s my pussy,” she said, as she began a rhythmic motion, her ass pushed up against the door. Sometimes she would wiggle her backside and rub my cock over her deeper, more sensitive places. Soon, she started letting out little whimpers each time she came down. As her pace increased, the whimpers became vocalizations. The vocalizations became panting. Eventually, the panting was interrupted by short breath holds, exhaled sharply on entry.

“Push it in harder, Lincoln, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Della said with just enough desperation to turn me on. “Linnnncollln, pleeeease!” she pleaded.

I pushed my hips forward and the second after she pushed back, I could feel the her pussy shaking and gripping and releasing.

“Baby, I’m cumming,” she said, in that tone. The tone that says, I’m past the point of inevitability. Della orgasmed audibly, she was shuddering. and making sounds interspersed with curse words.

“Fuuuck, I needed that,” she said, laughing.

She relaxed a moment and pulled forward. I could feel her wetness left on me, cooling me in the hallway draft. Della’s legs were still shaking, causing her to lose her balance. She fell on her side, apparently unhurt, as she was still laughing.

We heard some muffled singing from outside, the front door click, and heard Benny’s voice singing, in fake operatic tones, Le nozze di Figaro. His singing stopped abruptly as he turned toward us and took in the scene of Della, naked but for the up-flipped skirt, wet pussy, legs shaking in his hallway, and a round portrait of his roommate’s erect penis.

“Now this… this is a party!” said Benny, “and I do believe I received a personal invitation from Monsignor Lincoln himself!”

“Come on in, Benny,” said Della, as if everything were normal, “we were just starting, and I need some more cock…”

—Continues to Part V

6 thoughts on “Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) –Barton Pham

  1. Yeah, I know whatcha mean…

    In the future I’ll just ask that guest writers complete the story 1st. I’m sure he intended to but life just got in the way.

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