Sucking Zhang (Part II)

It was unbelievable how much cum Zhang’s beautiful cock produced.

Sometimes, just as I thought he was finished, he would push me back down and it would just keep coming.

I would be so shocked that I would squeal and Zhang would back off because he was a gentleman.. but I would just pull him back into my mouth.

I truly loved everything about sucking him. It’s a good thing I could hold my breath for a long time, thanks to years of meditation and scuba diving.

I’m gonna back up a sec. I also have kind of a naughty secret to share.

I am very much a voyeur when it comes to watching a man pleasure himself.

I truly…truly LOVE watching a guy while he doesn’t know that he’s being watched. I love seeing a man get off, period.
I mean… I’m like a telepathic fucking ninja Dick PI whenever a sexy man is getting himself off. Yes, I’m proud of it.
And somehow I’ve been incredibly lucky when it comes to being there at just the right time to happen upon such a scenario.

Exposed, unrestrained lust in a man’s hand as he’s stroking and massaging his cock while caressing and tugging his nutsack… God. Just thinking of it as I’m dictating this is making me wet.

Personally, I masturbate every day, if not three to five times in a day, sometimes. I’ve always been that way and believe some people are just naturally made that way. And watching a man milk himself like that makes me unbelievably aroused and hungry. So, I cannot express in words the ecstasy I feel when I get on my knees to finish what he started.

And therein enters a whole ‘nother topic.. How much I love giving head.

So, I wanna tell [or boast?] this fun story so that I can also return to recall it later.

Here goes..

First of all, I’m a lucky lucky girl to have such awesome friends. Friends who are very perceptive, thoughtful and know me so well… and would invite a sweet guy to come camping with us on the San Juan islands. And that’s how I got to know Zhang.

 They picked me up and we headed to the spot where we would all meet up. Sheri was filling me in on the way. Stuff like, “Zhang’s a real sweetie, cute, Suzi likes him and she doesn’t like anybody, he was born in Beijing, moved here when he was eight, etc..”

And Jun chimes in, “Yeah, he’s cool. We went to college together. Did Sheri tell you he’s into scuba diving too?” She smiles, “Yup. Scuba diving” then leans in to whisper, “You guys will end up fucking by tomorrow night. I just know it.”

We arrive and there was Zhang, sitting on the hood of his car. He extended his full arm in an overly polite manner to shake my hand and I laughed… then shook it. “Hey, I’m Cerise. Glad that you could make it.” He smiled really big and I noticed that he had very nice lips.

Now I could see where Sheri was coming from and I suddenly felt a little shyness creeping in. He seemed very charming, polite and genuine.

So we found the rest of our friends, around 8 or 9 of us in all, a decent crowd. And we set up camp, fixed up the grill and yada yada yada…

Then Sheri says, “Hey Cerise, Zhang is vegetarian too.” and I replied, “Well good. I’m happy that Jun can now give two people the stink-eye for not eating his precious samgyeopsal.” Again Zhang smiled and I smiled back.

Over the next few days I realized that Zhang was fun to talk to as well as being pretty god damned hot. His body was sinewy but not skinny and he had these lovely, heavy-lidded eyes, which I like. I love kissing my lover’s eyes.

But we were just getting to know one another. It’s better to allow things to develop naturally, organically.

 I told Sheri, “Stick your money where your mouth is, honey… We’re up to night number three” and stuck out my tongue and she rolled her eyes, smiling.

Although, I had caught Zhang staring at my ass a few times but I let it slide.

Sooooo… later that night, as everyone was bunking down, I stayed up.
He had bid us all good night and given me a half-body hug.
Neither of us were going to force anything and I prefer it that way.

Zhang was nestled in his tent behind me and I was enjoying the scene, writing in my notebook, watching the campfire slowly die down then drawing pictures in the sandy dirt.

Then I heard a faint rustling sound… and more rustling coming from his tent, inside his sleeping bag. Perhaps he has restless leg syndrome or an itch.

And then he drew in a deep, long breath and I froze in order to listen.
Next I heard his low, heavy breathing become harder, more audible, and the gentle rhythmic sound of fabric brushing against fabric.. and then slowly, carefully building up speed.

I was smiling to myself. What a perfect night it was. The sound of crackling fire, a chorus of crickets, the ocean nearby, heavy breathing, and wet skin on skin friction…

Hmmmmmm… How’s your cock doing, Zhang?

So I picked up a small rock and flicked it into the fire. Suddenly everything in his tent went quiet for several seconds.

“Ummm… Is that you, Cerise?”

I waited a few seconds then whispered back, “Yeah, it’s me. Everyone one else is asleep, I think.”

Then he asks, “What are you doing out there?”

And I said, “Just listening to the water and the fire aaaaand… other things.”

There a very long silence and I covered my smile with my hand.

Then his tent zips open and it’s really dark but he appears to be naked, holding a corner of his sleeping bag over his dick. We stare at each other for a log moment and then smile.

“Would you like to join me in here?”

To which I replied, “Hmmmm… Ok.”


——-Continues to Part III


***I chose the name Zhang after one of my favorite artists, 張洹 [Zhang Huan] because his work inspires me and I find him to be unbelievably sexy and beautiful.


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