Sucking Zhang (Part III)

As soon as I was inside he dropped the sleeping bag and wrapped his arms around me.

His cock was very hard and hot against my bare thigh and he slid his tongue into my mouth.

He tasted and smelled like male sex.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was thick and so warm and damp and lubricating my hand almost immediately. His tent smelled like pre cum and the sweet musky scent of his fuck parts.

He pulled my shirt off and I arched my back as he slid an arm around me for support and caught my right nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, then my left nipple… while gently tugging his erection.

I whispered into his ear, “Zhang, I could hear you stroking… and it made me really wet. I wanna suck you. I wanna get you off with my mouth.”

His eyes lit up. “Really?”

I kissed his mouth softly and said, “Lay down for me.”

He laid back as I held his cock and inhaled all of him… his semen-filled balls and musky taint, his veiny shaft and the sensitive area around the foreskin. I began salivating instantly and felt drunk from the smell of him.

I couldn’t wait to taste it all.

He visibly throbbed and pulsated in my hand. I just love how a man’s cock will do that.

I licked all of him using my full tongue, circling the head softly and then sucking and suctioning his bulbous head gently… keeping it between my lips while drooling and letting the strands of my saliva spill then suctioning it up again, slurping then sucking… slurping then sucking… massaging his scrotum.. and slowly sliding a finger into his ass..

He was gasping, sucking in his breath through his teeth and chanting, “Ahhhhh…gaaaaaaad…”

And then I stripped fully naked and straddled him as if to sixty-nine and said, “Look but no licking or touching” and continued to suction and slobber his cock and work it fully into my throat, plunging my throat although my pussy was swollen, dripping and aching to be touched. He would try to lick me but I would lift my cunt up away from his face.

Then, just as I had fit him entirely into my throat and moaned deeply, I felt his cock jerk several times.. He sucked in a long deep breath and his body tensed up and his fingers tightened and squeezed my hips, forcing my wet pussy down to his mouth just as his cum gushed into my throat. I made a tiny squealing sound from the shock of it and backed up so that I could drink all of him as he moaned into my cunt and pumped more into my mouth. I closed my eyes and took my time to gently suckle him dry until he was empty and satisfied.

And then he pulled me back to his mouth and forced me to let him get me off. As much as I wanted to stay focused on his cock I couldn’t deny his mouth anymore and I needed to come. So I turned around and lightly rode his mouth, as he softly suckled and flicked my clit with his tongue and magically found that spot, that rhythm that takes my breath away…

This is how my fixation with sucking Zhang began.


——-Continues to Part IV


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