Gentlemen Only 찜질방

Giving myself..

To a sex-themed, “gentlemen only” 찜질방 (jimjilbang a.k.a. Korean spa) full of Korean business men and being served up like the glistening “white meat” at a Chinese buffet..

One of the best fucking decisions I ever did make.

I was teaching English in Seoul at the time when my Kyopo (Korean-American) roommate updated me on the newest neighborhood gossip.

Apparently a 찜질방 nearby had been renovated into a sleazy “sex-therapy spa” for men to relax in herbal scented baths then get sucked and fucked with the additional option of gang banging foreign women. They were especially interested in white foreign women, like me.

I had recently suffered through a miserable breakup because my narcissistic boyfriend [at the time] had been sneaking off to have sex with a hipster bartender in Itaewon. I discovered this after the imbecile used my laptop then neglected to sign out of his email account. I was still pretty bitter and had zero interest in dating again.

However, I was beginning to get that familiar ache and tingle down below, causing my sex to swell. And I was having these intense wet dreams of getting fucked by golden brown-skinned, ravenous lovers, nearly every night.

I’ve always possessed a very potent sexual appetite. At times it felt like a curse. And now even the vibration of the city bus seats sent me into a lustful trance as I wet my panties, every time.

I needed to be Fucked. Bad. My roommate knew this and kept at me.. “OhmyGod, Cerise.. You should go check out that jimjilbang. I can tell, you really need to get laid. Trust me, you’ll forget all about your asshole ex boyfriend and every other white boy you’ve been with.” And so on..

This idea was beginning to tug at me until my curiosity and nagging pussy got the best of me. I suspected an American girl with green eyes and honey-colored hair might be appreciated at this particular 찜질방 and so I had my roommate go check it out.

She came back giddy with good news, telling me that it seemed upscale and that I would just need to visit a gynecologist and show the owner a clean bill of health. –Check.

And so off I go down into this corroded alley lit up with neon bar signs, reeking of Soju, rotten kimchi and cigarette butts.

I pause.. What the Hell am I doing. I’ve never even had a threesome and now I’m off to be gang banged? By strangers? My mind raced and I became anxious. This can’t be the right place. And disgusted by the smells and the fear of finding a den of creepy, horny old trolls.. I nearly turned back. Fortunately, the nagging little peach between my legs urged me on..

I found the blue metal door, from the directions, and headed straight in. There was a well dressed, dapper ole guy in his late sixties who knew exactly why I was there.
He smiles and says, “Annyeong haseyo. Fahdoh me” and I followed him into a polished locker room that smelled of good cologne and chlorine. I started to relax a bit.

Then he says in a gravelly voice, “Hmph.. Ok. Ret me see titty.” I hesitate but oblige.. “I’m between B and a C, I guess.” He nods matter-of-factly then he points to my crotch. “You shabing you pussy, yeh?” — “Yeh. I shave. No hair.” And I expose my bare mound to his cigarette-yellowed eyes, he nods and I give him my medical check papers. “Joaaah-yo.. Fahdoh me.”

Next, I’m being bathed, scrubbed and fragranced all over with Jasmine by two scantily dressed women. Even my pussy was massaged with coconut oil and I was embarrassed when my clit responded by swelling from her delicate touch.

Finally, I’m brought to an amber-lit room and instructed to crawl on my hands and knees down this long, leather-padded table.

I’m crawling nervously along until I see the men arriving, fresh and steaming from their herbal baths and — GOD DAMN — these men aren’t trolls at all. No. They are lean and fit, satin-skinned, bronzed Gods of Fuck. I was stunned by their beauty.

Their dark, narrow eyes lock onto me, all of me, taking in my pale white skin with anticipation. I sat up onto my knees and spread my legs to expose my light pink pussy and my green eyes were instantly filled with the lovely image.. of towels falling to the floor and their mocha brown cocks stiffening, rising up as if sniffing for my cunt.. This was a hungry pack of heated males preparing to mate. Wanting to Fuck.

As I approached they each come forward to kiss me fully, passionately.. soft lips closing over mine and warm tongues sliding deep into my mouth, teasing my tongue.

They were gently laying me onto my back and tying my legs up into a Kaikyaku Kani, open-leg position, calves to thighs. using beautiful red nylon rope. Luckily they kept my arms and hands free to roam. And so, I was softly tugged, pulled and bound as they discussed the best method in their native tongue.. I tried to understand but many of the words were lost to me, which had me feeling much like a beloved house cat.

Warm, strong hands were everywhere. My nipples were budding, my cunt was swelling, aching, glistening.. and my stomach was tingling under their touch.

I closed my eyes, drew a slow, deep breath and felt my pussy juices trickle down my crack to the table below. All at once mouths were on me.. Everywhere. They were soooooo hungry. I sucked in my breath and surprised myself with a deep, feminine moan then listened to the wet sounds of them feasting… A hot tongue gliding between the lips of my warm, wet peach and soft lips suctioned to both nipples, hungrily suckling away like starving babies as other places are kissed and bitten..

With his moist, full lips, one lovely stud bends down, kisses my mouth then raises himself over me holding a very ripe boner to wet my reddened lips with his salty pre cum. His cock is engorged and he slides the lovely purple head into my mouth. I lick and suckle softly, savoring the flavor of male sex.. Mmmmm… he sighs and begins to slowly fuck my mouth while my pussy is being impaled by a fellow sexy, tan-skinned lover.

What gentleman they were! Politely waiting their turn while holding and stroking their beautiful, brown cocks, enjoying the scene of their fellow mates mounting me, pumping and fucking.. and their mouths red, swollen and glistening from my pussy juices they had shared. I arch my back and moaned loudly as they thrust into me deeply. I was entirely in their grasp, shuddering, quivering, tits jiggling.. and they held back from cumming for as long as possible.

When the pain of needing to seed my womb became too great the balls of my lovers drew up ever so tight and their purple cocks swelled painfully, straining to release the buildup of sperm.. Their lovely faces showed the torment of staving off the incredible urge to bust nut all over my sweaty body, quivering from lust.

The youngest was struggling most with his load. His lovely, heart-shaped face looked so pained and his pre cum dribbled out over his fingers as he clamped the shaft near the head.. and so I urged him to my mouth.

He slid the head between my lips and squeezed his eyes shut. Then, cradling my head in his shaking hands, he opened his eyes to see a fellow brother slowly pump my pussy and he began to slowly fuck my mouth until I moaned and whimpered onto his cock and the poor boy fell forward, tensed up and pumped a shocking amount of hot cum into my throat, spilling from the corners of my mouth and down the sides of my face.. I reached back and held tightly onto his hips while sucking as he gasped and groaned until I drank all of his sweet nectar dry. Then he slumped over, sighing sweetly onto my sweaty, taut belly.

While others prepped their cocks for my swollen, pink slit.. a sexy, statuesque, older gent with silver-streaked temples had decided it was time for my orgasm.. in his mouth. So he gave my whole pussy a long, full-tongued lick and sunk into me passionately, wriggling and sliding his tongue about, seeking my rhythm.. I felt the throbbing pulse deep within my pussy quicken to match the tempo of his tongue softly flicking my clit. Feeling my pussy suddenly tighten he moaned, while stroking his cock, as those heavy-lidded, dark, lust-drowned eyes gleamed up into mine.

My climax began as he slurped my warm pussy juice and I felt the first wave.. then arched my back, let my head fall back and cried out. He responded.. “Mmmmmmmph”…while sucking and drinking my girl nectar.. It was a deep, piercing orgasm. Wave after wave and I wanted his cock to stab into me IMMEDIATELY and I began crying, begging… “Please.. please.. Fuck me pleeeeeeezzzz…”

It was time for serious Fucking.

His deep moan was like a growl as he climbed on top, pinned my arms back hard and mounted me. The others paused and watched in admiration to witness this glorious male fuck.. Dominating this female, deep like a lion during a feverish mating frenzy. All of his thick muscles prone, flexed, his balls drawing up tight as he entered me, pushing it ALL in.. all the way.. I whimpered aloud as he loosened the rope enough to put me in buck, jacking my legs up.. his hips could not stop pumping and hunching, speeding up, finding his rhythm within my suctioning pussy.. until the last deep thrust when his whole body tensed and his semen began gushing hard against my cervix as he groaned victoriously.

My thighs trembled, my legs went limp and my toes curled behind his head and I was climaxing hard, feeling my cervix attempt to suction the engorged head of his cock. And then he rose and backed away to see what he had done and my trembling limbs glistened from his sweat.

The others were inspired and began mounting me, one by one, mating me.. and I closed my eyes and savored the sweet sounds of my sweet lovers pumping into me.

Tight from being fucked swollen, my pussy was suctioning each cock.. as they found their rhythm deep inside, near my womb.. then fell onto me gasping, embracing me, sighing in release.. and I whispered, “Thank you Oppa” and kissed their faces.

A few slid out of me and their heavy brown cockmeat plopped onto my stomach, hot sperm spilling all over my abdomen.. Others propped their muscular, agile bodies above me, grasping my head and filling my mouth.. until I was just a lovesick, drenched little Caucasian fuckdoll, dreamily listening to the lovely sounds of bronzed male sex, all around me.

And then I smiled and thought for a mere second.. If only my ex could see me now. Hmmm.. But suddenly realized I could barely recall his face or his name. The memory eluded me then every trace of him vanished.

These sweet, beautiful, maple-skinned lovers had fucked him clean out of my body and mind and now he was nothing more than a blank, pale white form with a pasty, lifeless, limp prick diminishing by the second.

I had been baptized by their potent Han seed. Hell.. the seeds of their ancestors.

This beautiful, bronzed group of Korean princes owned my pussy.

And tonight.. I was their ivory fucking princess.


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