The Taste of Kyoo

Kyoo has the most beautiful maple brown cock I’ve ever tasted.

Whenever I think of it my clit swells and I begin gliding a finger around the warm, damp spot on my panties.

His tongue, his mouth and those smooth, lovely brown hands…

Mmmmmm… I wish every girl could experience a lover like Kyoo.

It’s my good fortune that our paths crossed, thanks to a close friend who’s wary to share drinks with me anymore.

That would be Megumi.

She had been looking for a roommate just as Kyoo had placed an ad on craigslist to rent out his guest room. She responded to the ad and moved in a few days later.

She kept telling me about how sweet and funny he was, urging me to swing by and meet him. So I did and she was right. He was witty, funny, handsome, tall, Korean… And extremely sexy.

  Unfortunately, he worked so much that he was rarely home. He also had a girlfriend who was Korean and whenever he wasn’t at work he was usually with her.

I was pretty disappointed and decided that I should squash my growing attraction for him.

  So, I tried to forget about it. I tried not to light up whenever he was around or to notice his sultry, dark eyes and that shiny black hair slicked back from his forehead. His muscular back… how easily it bronzed in the sun.

  I made a point not to stare at that healthy bulge in his pants whenever he wore something made of thin material.

  And yet, he would parade around the house with that thick brown cock bobbing from side to side against the thin fabric, showing the outline of the scrumptious, bulbous head. Especially in those deep blue silk pajama pants. It was killing me.

 However, l figured that if they were to break up he still wouldn’t be into some white girl like me with wavy, shoulder-length, dark blond hair, wearing Hawaiian summer dresses and flip flops.
His girlfriend was beautiful and always wore tight dresses and stilettos. Case closed.

  Over the next 5 or 6 months I saw him maybe 8 times. He was usually with her. However, I never really saw them kiss or behave affectionately towards one another.

  As for Kyoo and I there was the occasional small talk in passing. He was friendly and polite but nothing more.

  However, there was an awkward moment one Saturday while Megumi and I were getting ready for a beach outing. I thought Kyoo was gone so I was wearing a skimpy flesh-coloured bikini in the kitchen, cutting fruit to take with us.

  I was daydreaming, making a real mess, then watermelon juice spilt to the floor and as I bent over to wipe it up I heard a stifled snicker. Kyoo was leaning against the wall behind me, holding a finger over his lips, grinning as his eyes did a quick scan of my body. It seemed a bit flirty and provocative for a brief moment, as though he had been looking at my ass… But I noticed the juice running down my thighs and chalked it up to him thinking I was some messy goof or something like that.

  Shortly after that I began working a lot of overtime hours to finish a project and hadn’t visited Megumi, and so I hadn’t seen him, for a few months. Then one afternoon she calls and urges me to meet her and some friends for the opening of a new club on Alki beach.

  Perfect timing. I needed to get out of the house.

  I bathed, shaved my pussy smooth and scented my whole body with a soft jasmine infused fragrance. I love the smell of jasmine. Then I slipped into a very short, flesh-coloured dress, clear stilettos and fixed my hair up in a ponytail.

  As soon as Megumi spotted me she grabbed my hand and guided me over to our friends near the back. The place was packed and I was a bit annoyed but decided to make the best of it, starting with a drink.

  While I was ordering my tonic Kyoo squeezed in next to me then smiled and winked. I smiled brightly at him, “Hey!” then took my drink and headed back to the table where our friends were yelling at each other over loud, bassy music. My night suddenly brightened up and I felt warm all over just to know that he was nearby.

  For the next hour or so I danced, laughed with friends, and occasionally stepped outside for a view of the dark ocean.

  Finally, I found a moment alone at a table in the back and Kyoo slid in next to me. But he scoots in so close he bumps me and I scoot over again.. then he scoots up against me again. I laugh and say, “What is this?” He shrugs and cocks his head, smiling.
I nudge him, “Hey. You’re flirting with me. Don’t think I don’t notice.” His smile grows even bigger. “Really? Hmm.. Is that what you think?”

   “Ahh… Yes. That’s what I think. And, you have a girlfriend.” He shakes his head, “Nope. I don’t have a girlfriend.”

  Most people would ask about the breakup but I had no interest in shifting the mood. And he didn’t seem too broken up.

  “Hmmm… Well, okay then. What’s up.” So now I’m grinning ear to ear.

  He eased closer to me, “You know.. I’ve had a little crush on you. And I can still recall finding you in my kitchen wearing that itty bitty bikini.”

  He was really close now, looking into my eyes. “I think about you sometimes”.

  My cheeks were bright pink and getting hotter. I’ve never had a guy that I was crushing on be so bold before.

“Your cheeks are really pink right now. Sorry if I’m embarrassing you.”

  The sexual tension was so intense I was trying to hide my smile. I was shifting in my seat, and smiled up at him. “It’s okay. Really.”

He took this as a go ahead.

  “Your good friend Megumi told me something interesting about you”.

  “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

  He leaned way in and whispered these hot, moist words into my ear.. “She told me you’ve always had this fantasy of having a man lick your pussy in a public place. Is that true?”

  I couldn’t believe my ears. Of course he was making it up but his words triggered the reaction he was looking for. I felt goose bumps rising all over and my heart skipped several beats.

  “Hmmmm…” I purred softly against his mouth. “I don’t recall saying that but I won’t deny it either.”

  By that point I just wanted to fuck him right then. My eyes went to his lips and he pressed me against the wall and brushed his lips against mine. I was inhaling him and he was sliding that thick, hot tongue around mine and I moaned against his warm, soft lips.

  Pulling someone’s jacket over my lap as his mouth teased mine.. he rolled the bottom of my dress up, slid his hand between my thighs and pushed the fabric of my panties to the side. Then I felt his finger between my pussy lips and began gliding around and over my clit, moving in tiny circles, causing it to swell more. God, he was so good, as though he already knew my pussy. I closed my eyes and sighed between his lips..

  His eyes and mouth opened really wide in surprise, “Ohhh… girl. You’re soooooo wet. This little peach is drenched.” His red tongue slid hungrily across his lips and I watched his cock swell, growing a ripe bulge. I put my hand on it, feeling the pulsating heat and he placed his hand over mine and squeezed the hot mound with my hand and said, “You have to wait” then casually looked both ways and slid himself down beneath the table.

  I was surprised, nervous and excited all at once. My heart was racing.. but I realized that no one was paying attention or would even notice under the dimmed lights. And they wouldn’t hear a thing due to the slow, throbbing remix of No Ordinary Love by Sade which caused everything to vibrate.

  Under the table Kyoo worked his hands under my ass and slid my panties all the way down my legs. Then he kissed my knees and my thighs, and made his place between them..

  I could feel his hot breath on my sensitive pussy lips, making them tingle and ache.. Then a droplet of my girl juice rolled down into my ass crack and his warm tongue slid between the swollen lips and wriggled for the initial taste. He groaned into my cunt, Mmmmmmm… then began gliding that hot tongue slowly up and down, working my swollen, glistening peach. I whimpered in ecstasy as my pelvic muscles twitched and I grabbed handfuls of his shiny black hair, pulling his head closer into my aching cunt.

 He squeezed my ass and began suckling softly on everything between the lips. God I wanted to fuck his mouth so bad, sit on his face and grind that fat tongue then be impaled hard like a fuckdoll made for his cock…

And yet, I still couldn’t believe what he was doing, surrounded by all these people. My thighs were trembling. A hoard of drunk girls were pushing past the table while his tongue swirled around my clit and his hot mouth made everything sooooo warm and ripe. I was already feeling the urge to climax so I held my breath and opened my legs wider. He smiled with those lovely dark orbs gleaming up at me then back to my cunt as he sunk in deep.. slowly tongue-fucking my insides as my pussy tightened on the warm, slippery thick muscle in his mouth. I suddenly moaned aloud and rammed his lovely mouth into me. Mmmmmmph.. groaned my lover’s throat.

A random guy stopped to ask if I was okay.. if I was sick.

  Upon hearing the guy speak, Kyoo began slurping and slobbering all over my cunt. Then he slid two fingers in all the way, pressing into my spot and his mouth latched back on to my clit. That hot tongue was wriggling around my clit, causing me to shudder.. My other hand was caressing his sweaty cheek.

My voice broke.. “Ahhh-yaaa..Yeh. I’m ok.” He continued to question my well-being and Kyoo plunged his tongue back into me with a muffled growl and began sucking me hard. I was grasping the table and the back of Kyoo’s head, swooning as though I would faint. Kyoo was now drinking my juices audibly and I felt my cheeks burn bright red.

    The guy yelled again over the thick, bassy music.. “Sure you’re okay???”

    I was begging the gods to take this guy away… PLEASE!!!! Kyoo’s mouth was torturing my fucking pussy and it was such an exquisite pain.

   I cried out– “YESSS!!!!! I’M FINE!!!!!!!!!” waving him away while covering my face with the other hand. He looked utterly stunned and walked away.

  I slumped over, panting, and Kyoo’s mouth detached from my engorged clit. It was unbelievably red and throbbing. I looked down at his proud, devilishly handsome face, his swollen, wet lips and said, “God. You’re so fucking bad.” He smiled sweetly and pushed me back upright.

“I’m gonna finish you.”

  I lay all the way back with half of me sliding off the bench seat as he held my left ass cheek up and sunk back into me. I decided that I would cum soon before anyone else spotted us so I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

  Holding my hips very still, his warm, silky tongue began a rhythm of softly swishing around my clit. Then he would stop to slobber into my swollen hole, sloshing into my juices mixed with his saliva. I was humping his sweet face, moving my pelvis slowly up and down, gently grinding his drenched mouth.

I was arching my back and grasping his head.. while crying, whimpering into the throbbing music that engulfed us.

  This cunt of mine was throbbing soooo painfully, pulsating in tune with his warm tongue as I began feeling that piercing orgasmic wave building up. I was begging him, crying, “Ahhhyeaaaah… god. Ahhhhhh.. fuck.. yessssssuuuuckmeeee..”

Then he felt a twitch and knew I was there so he moaned into me. Suddenly that powerful jolt imploded throughout my clit up through my birth canal into my womb then spine.. I opened my legs as much as possible, stretched out, lifted my ass up…. cumming so fucking hard… and stuffed someone’s jacket over my face, crying into it.. my girl juices gushing into Kyoo’s mouth as he groaned and passionately suckled my pussy dry.

Then I slid down under the tall table as he guided me into his lap, working to impale me with his swollen cock and maneuvering himself deeper into me.

I was crying into his ear.. “Kyoo.. we need to fuck. I wanna fuck soooo bad.” and he growled against my titties, “I know.. sorry.. I need to cum too but we can’t fuck here.”

So I urged him up and he swiftly worked his way back up the bench and his engorged, heavy, brown cockmeat fell against my cheek. I guided it to my lips and it was so hot on my mouth as his warm precum leaked onto my tongue and lips then ran down my chin to my neck. He slid back and worked his pants down further, giving me full access to his tight, mocha brown scrotum as well.

The smell of his male sex was intoxicating and I became soooo incredibly hungry I couldn’t wait to drink his hot, potent cum… but I would take my time with this lovely fuckmeat and then suck and gulp his nectar like a starving baby.

He grasped my head eagerly as I softly licked the head, shaft, everything, while massaging his tightening balls.. even though I knew how badly he wanted to plunge it in and fuck my mouth. I knew this urgency and the pain he felt. He wanted to do the man thing… to fuck. He was a healthy male in mating mode, slowly humping my face but wanting so badly to plow it like a beast to release his seed. I smiled inwardly… It was my turn to enjoy tormenting him as he did with me.

I was up now on my knees and slowly working my lips over the bulbous head, stopping to suction it, making small popping sounds.. and began plunging it into my throat. He gasped, “Ahhh god” and I could see his lovely brown abs twitching, pulling inward.

Then I heard a few of his buddies, “Hey Kyoo! There here is! Hey man.. what are you doing? Tired already???” His face froze into a real “Oh shit” expression.. but not me. My lips turned up and spread into a big ole wide Cheshire cat grin, shooting a maniacal glance up at him, which he fully caught. Then I got back to work.. softly suctioning his swollen head and humming as my hot saliva oozed all the way down to his balls. I thought those needed some attention as well so I moaned and hummed as I suckled one at a time in my mouth, while stroking his cock in my warm, wet hand.

He eyed his friends in horror, whispering, “Oh damn.. Dammit.”

This simply urged me on. He glanced down as I looked up at him with my glossy, lust filled green eyes.. and felt him swell even more. He was throbbing, pulsating and oozing precum like a leaky faucet. I couldn’t be happier.

 His hands were shaking yet pulling me forward. He wanted to cum now.. as in RIGHT NOW. I relaxed my mouth just to give him a chance to respond.

“Uhhh, I’m good! Just relaxing!” and waved them away… I could hear him mumble under his breath, “Go, just go.. dammit.”

I took that as my cue and took a deep breath then engulfed his whole meaty cock down my throat at once, Mmmmmphf! and he fell forward, grabbing my head.. and I heard him faceplant and groan onto the table. I could feel the veins pumping, throbbing and his nuts pulling in tight, getting ready to produce the hot milk for my mouth.

My hands massaged his thighs and then back to his tight, twitching nuts as my tongue wriggled and slithered around the base as I carefully worked him down my throat again, milking his engorged sex. I wanted him to gush and pour hot spermy milk into my mouth and down my throat.

And then he lowered himself more, almost to a squat, opening his thighs wide so that I could take it all.. and I did. I could feel his body tense up and then he leaned back, gasping and moaning, while I milked the FUCK out of his pulsating, jerking cock… gulping down every drop of the hot, seedy nectar I could. I loved watching his body spasm, his thighs tremble, stomach muscles tightening, shuddering to pump even more into my mouth.. I was in love with the hot meat in my mouth.. the juice it provided.

After his spasms subsided I slithered up his body and he drew me into his arms and plunged his pussy-scented tongue deep into my semen-flavored mouth.

Alas, Megumi emerged from the crowd and spotted us.. Hair tussled, lips swollen, wrecked, Kyoo zipping his fly.

She walked up to our table crossing her arms and shaking her head as though we were naughty children. “Wow. Look at these two dirty dirty sluts.”

Kyoo smiled and slid his arm tightly around my waist as I tried to hide my face behind a stranger’s jacket.

I hadn’t touched my second tonic so I offered to Megumi.

“No thanks, hon.” She said, scrunching her nose up at it. “I don’t think I’ll be drinking after you any time soon.”

And I can’t really say that I blame her.


7 thoughts on “The Taste of Kyoo

  1. Thanks Jessie! That’s really kind of you. I appreciate the input and support!
    I try to write as though I were retelling my stories to a friend, who I know intimately, who’d wanna hear my carnal exploits and fantasies.
    Do you write? I have a feeling you’d be good at it… or already are, if you do.

  2. Anytime feedback is wanted, it will be given! Really no problem at all, I really enjoy reading your stories.

    Looking over, the thing I really wanted to comment on was how perfectly imperfect your actions and your characters actions were. People make messes in kitchens and there can be social embarrassment but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be sexy. I’ve always thought realistic tension and flirting are the best kinds, because it makes it easier for readers and audiences to relate to.

    I agree with you, timing really is key. Moment can pass by quickly, so spotting them is important. Most guys never hear things like “I hope you don’t mind me staring. You’re awfully cute.” So that can be a definite hit!

  3. Thanks Jessie! I agree with you… It would be incredibly hot if he were to have said something like, “I can tell you like what I said.” I wish more men would say things like that.
    During my late teens something clicked in me and I suddenly became rather bold around the opposite sex. I’ve often said things like, “I hope you don’t mind me staring. You’re awfully cute. ” usually to earn a smile or a chuckle. But I do realize that it isn’t as easy for a man to pull off something similar and not come off as too aggressive, unfortunately. Unless done in a very smooth, lighthearted kind of way. In that instance, timing is everything.

    I recently began writing more about Zhang… but I’m milling over a few other ideas at the moment as well.

    I truly appreciate your feedback. The input helps me to see my stories from the male perspective, which is also a great motivator. 🙂

  4. The dialogue between you and the other characters is wonderfully teasing, with ebbs and flows of flirting just meshing really well. To have the guts to call out social interactions like “Hey. You’re flirting with me.” How many people live their lives playing it safe, never venturing out into the unknown and taking a risk? Missed opportunities abound!

    When he leaned way in and whispered those hot, moist words into your ear, it would have been crazy suave of him to maybe feel your heartbeat/pulse in a flirty way and say, “I can tell you like what I said” or something along those lines, haha.

    The back and forth teasing is great, this was an amazing prompt. You really brought this story to life with your description and actions. Hope there is more to come!

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